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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Love Food

I have this problem where I can't follow recipe instructions. Not like, things turn out badly or ugly or whatever - but I like to change things around and improvise a little bit. YOU know, like use a HEART shaped cookie cutter instead of a regular boring one that boring people use.

Wait, what?

Oh recipes, right.

It's fun to look through websites that have good recipes and try new things - I particularly like websites with pictures, because, let's face it, recipe websites/books without pictures are just no fun. How do you know what it's supposed to look like when it's done? As a grad student, I will be the first to admit that I'm no pro; I need reassurance!

So this is where Kraft Foods comes in. Or, more specifically Kraft Food & Family Magazine. This thing is a) a quarterly magazine, and more importantly, b) FREE!!! Additionally, you sometimes get free products and coupons. AND, the key to its greatness is THE PICTURES. Great pictures, easy recipes, and yummy food. What else do you need? Maybe a nice eating companion? Liiiike, me? Because I like to eat?

Whatever, guys. Let's just be honest. I like to stuff my face. It's cool, I've made my peace with it, so you should too.

Oh and if you don't want to subscribe for whatever reason (maybe you don't want to waste paper, because you love trees or something), their website is good for recipes too. Although, as much as I love trees, I recommend the magazine.

Kraft Food & Family Magazine.

A Rewarding Way to Accrue Debt...

Whether its due to my finance experience, or fear of quickly accruing debt from law school, I have been trying my best to be financially savvy with my non-income. One of the things I'll do (which is actually not the best idea for your credit), is to take advantage of 0% A.P.R. credit cards. I charge all my purchases (or most) on the card for the year, put my cash into my savings accounts at Emigrant, accumulate the interest, and at the end of year when the 0% promotion is over, I pay it all off at once. I end up accumulating about $500 a year through savings interest, and collect rewards on my credit card! (note: please only do this once a year MAX if you absolutely HAVE to. Don't make this a habit!)
Obviously, look for the card out there with the best returns; 1% cash return on every $1, may not be as good as accumulating points, etc. You can go onto general credit card sites that compare different cards according to your needs!
BUT, if you are NOT strapped for cash, and you're looking for great returns, this is by far the best card on the market. It has an annual fee of $75, but if you fly more than once a year, this works out for you! You get a companion plane ticket for EVERY round trip ticket you buy. PLUS you start off with a free ticket, and 2 points for every mile you fly.
This is the non-fee version of the card, but after much review, I think the $75 fee one is much better.

Citi PremierPass® Card - Elite Level

oh and also, some credit improving tips:
1) Call your credit card company and ask to increase your credit line. Even if you don't need it, it makes your credit look better b/c you are using less of your credit line. (e.g. you spend $500 but your limit is $8000, versus $500 with a limit of $2000; proportionally it's better)
2) Just b/c you have zero balance on your card and you haven't used it for years, doesn't mean your credit card is closed. And the more you have open, the worse it looks. So call all the cards you don't use, and make sure you cancel your cards. This includes Banana Republic and J. Crew cards!
3) Cancel your shopping cards; like the Banana Republic and J. Crew cards. The rewards from your new credit card with rewards is greater than having a lot of shopping cards and never using them.

Happy spending!


I have a ritual of going through my bookmarked list of sites, scouring pages for interesting designs, patterns, ideas, and of course, prints! A good print is hard to come by, especially if it's unique in its design and idea. BUT, I know that whenever I'm in need of some uplifting, some inspiration, some COLOR in my life (which is often, living the life as a failing law student), I know EXACTLY where to go to find some creative support.

New Beautiful carries unique, uplifting, and beautiful prints that come straight from the enlightened heart and soul of its designer. Each piece carries with it a personal token of wisdom from the designer's own experiences in life, not to mention, they're also BEAUTIFUL. And the best part? these prints are all up for sale here.

I would post up some of her prints, but I'll leave the surprise up to you. Go visit and buy some prints! They'll make great presents for friends and loved ones. I already have a list of people I want to buy them for!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Smores in a Cup

In a world where there are Starbucks every few blocks, sometimes even across the street from one another, there is never one around when you're in desperate need of caffeine. Or tea. Or expensive, but delicious, blueberry coffee cake.

They're even more difficult to find when there is a special drink out for a limited time that is so incredible you're kind of upset that they havent been offering it in the past and you've wasted so much money on inferior, less wonderful, boring drinks.

That special drink, dear friends, is the Toasted Marshmallow Mocha. (Or hot chocolate, if you have a sweeter palette.) Think of it as a S'more in a cup: made with bittersweet chocolate, topped with whipped cream, sprinkled with graham cracker bits, this thing THE BEST.

Oh, Lord, what have I done. Now I want, nay, NEED some immediately. I wish there was a Starbucks Fairy that went around granting your Starbucks desires. And I wish it would deliver.

(Not all Starbucks carry this magical drink, so you may need to ask around to find it. And you may want to ask for extra graham cracker bits. Just a suggestion.)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reusable Bags

Not only is it cool to own cool reusable bags for your groceries and shopping instead of Al Gore's enemy, the plastic bag, it's good for the environment. In an effort to stay away from spewing out too many specific statistics, let's just say that in one year, Americans use over 100s of billions of plastic bags. That's a number I can't even wrap my head around!

But really, aren't people who carry around reusable bags to do their shopping kind of weird? Maybe sometimes, but you don't have to be that person.

Here are some options that you might want to look into (you know, for the earth's posterity, and let's face it, your own coolness):

This one is an ACME Bag. Ripstop nylon, fits over 25 lbs, folds into a tiny sack on the inside of the bag so that you can pack it away in your purse or pocket. They come in 3 colors: blue, orange, and red.

I agree, though, that this one is kind of plain. Plain...or...just not quite cool enough for you to pretend to be a hipster.

$7.95, which is a pretty good deal.

Find them at

This next one is called the ChicoBag and it comes in a lot more colors, for those of you who need variety in your life. Made of woven nylon, it holds up to 20lbs. It has a one year warranty, and they have their own recycling program for people who use ChicoBags, whatever that means.

They come in eleven colors, so you could buy one for every outfit. The one kind of blah part about these bags are the big "ChicoBags" label stamped on to the front of every bag.

$5 per bag, or $20 for 5. Look for them at

This next bag is by Envirosax. Made from waterproof material (which is kind of vague if you ask me, and you did), each bag holds the equivalent of 2 regular plastic bags.

They come in what seems like a million colors and graphic designs, these look fun and cute (just like we are!) and will definitely not make you look lame at the store.

Available as single items or as assortment of 5 bags.

$7.95 for one, $35 for a pouch of 5. Go to Envirosax.

Lastly, and my favorite (yes, we do discriminate here at heywelikethis), Baggus! Made with ripstop nylon, Baggus hold up to 25 lbs and as much as 2 to 3 plastic bags.

Made with a large gusset on the bottom, the bags will sit flat when set down. They fold into a 5in x 5in pouch that fits into your back pocket.

With 8 colors to choose from, there aren't too many choices to overwhelm you, but there are enough to keep you satisfied. (Fuschia, khaki, navy, black, grey, aqua, and red & olive - which is currently sold out, but will be restocked on November 10.) And it's not too feminine or earth-child-dress-made-of-wheat. Go to the website and you'll find pictures of very cool, non-girly guys carrying them.

$8 for one, $22 for three, or $38 for six. Yay for Baggus!

Sometimes Things We Like Include Hating

And today, the something we like to hate on is "Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee" on the Food Network.

With a name reminiscent of a persona who was the inspiration of a Grease song (with such classic lines as "Keep your filthy paws - off my silky drawers!" and "Elvis! Elvis! Keep that pelvis far from me!"), you'd think Sandra Lee would be more along the lines of an Olivia Newton John circa John Travolta and the Pink Ladies rather than ONJ circa the spandex tights and roller skates of XANADU.

Basically, Ms. Lee is a trainwreck that you just can't turn away from. She has a strange, affected southern accent, even though she is apparently from Wisconsin. Now, I've never been to Wisconsin, and I'm sure it's a lovely place, but do people from the upper midwest speak with a drawl? Plus, she lives in California now. I don't know why that is relevant, but I thought I would just throw that in there.

The basis for her show? 70% store bought + 30% homemade. Now how did she get these percentages? When you buy caeser salad dressing and blend in some roasted garlic cloves, I don't really know if that splits into 70/30.

EVERY meal includes her favorite "Cocktail Time," where she teaches you how to make a cocktail that both goes with her theme of the day, and matches her second favorite part of the show, "Tablescape." Today's liquor is called the "Golden Cadillac" and the tablescape? "Denim and Diamonds," aka "Jeans and Jewels" - which I think is pretty self-explanatory. I think she stole the theme I was going to use for my wedding! I was thinking about having the reception in a barn, hay and all, and wearing a short jean skirt with some lace and tulle attached for a tail for my getaway outfit. I'll wear white patent cowboy boots and my veil will be ribboned and bejeweled to my white cowboy hat. We'll have diamonds (Plastic ones. I write a blog, and go to school. Do I sound like I'm made of money?) everywhere! Hanging from the rafters, glued to the backs of the chairs, maybe a couple dozen attached to my boots, to distract from my low cut, sweetheart neckline trimmed with lace, bedazzled jean camisole. (Bedazzler! Do they still sell that on tv? I need to investigate.) Sounds kind of brilliant, doesn't it? Oh yeeeeaaaahhh.

Oh, wait, y'all. I just spent so much time seriously contemplating what a "Denim and Diamonds" themed wedding would be like that now Paula Deen is on. I love her (No, seriously. She's the best. I want to be her when I'm older and have children to embarass.) because she her favorite ingredient is the main essential to life: butter.

Now if Sandra Lee would just pick a favorite ingredient, that didn't include alcohol, possibly something equally classy, like heavy cream or beef, maybe she could up her likeability rating just a tad. That's right, a tad.

This is what happens to the blog when ~S~ goes away for the weekend.

Fun with Microsoft Paint

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to draw and color. My first attempt was on paper. I drew an orange lamp...that I think I'm going to throw away. Afterwards, I decided that drawing on the computer is far superior.

So this is my version of an elephant.

I know, I'm kind of amazing. It's a gift, or a curse, I haven't figured out which yet. The wiggly lines really make it look more realistic, don't you think?

Then I wanted to do something with our header's signature green.

And I found out that I am somewhat better at cartoon plant life than animals. That turtle is a DISASTER!

Thus conclues my afternoon with Microsoft Paint.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Morning Experimentating

WHAT IS THAT?! A heart-shaped egg cooked into the middle of a piece of bread? What kind of witchcraft is this? Alright, alright, calm down, y'all. This was my brunch today. Well, two pieces of this gloriousness + tabasco sauce, the ways that eggs should be eaten. Here's how you do it, just in case you ever get bored enough.

1) Piece of bread
2) Get a small cookie cutter, any shape, preferable something adorable.

3) Isn't that cute? (Sidenote: We took the little heart shaped pieces and made mini cinnamon toast.)
4)Butter both sides of the bread, and drop into a warm skillet.

5) Crack an egg directly into the cutout. Let it sizzle for about 1-2 minutes.
6) Gently flip. Cook the other side till the egg is the way you like it. I like mine less runny, and I don't mind a little burnt bread, so I leave it in the skillet a bit longer than you might like.

And Voila! A disaster worth eating on a cold and wet Saturday morning.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Eye...finally found it~!

If you're like me (and my sister!) finding the perfect mascara has been a longtime journey, filled with many smudges, raccoon-like eyes, and clumpy lashes. I've tried almost every kind out there, and I have yet to find one that does it all; smudge proof, waterproof, non clumpy. volumizing, AND lengthening. That's right, I'm a woman who knows what she wants, and I want it all. All those brands that have boasted these qualities have all failed miserably and I had almost given up.

BUT, after much research, smudges, and clumps, I think I've found it! Benefits Bad Gal Lash~! I've read tons of reviews on this, and it seems about 75%-25%; 75% love it, 25% have had some complaints.
Pros: everything I just said earlier, and it comes in a huge tube, .3 oz so it'll last AND, after one coat, your lashes look thick, luscious, and definitely make your eyes, stand out.
Cons: bit pricey. it's $19 a tube, it has a huge brush (can be good or bad. Personally, I like the huge brush because it really helps with the volume, but some people have found it to be awkward), takes extra drying time, and hard to get off ( I actually thought it was pretty easy.)
Runner up is Imju Fiberwig Mascara, one of the top selling mascaras in Japan. It promises to legnthen your eyelashes while keeping it smudge proof and clean. The somewhat thin formula keeps your lashes clump free and natural looking, but doesn't make your lashes look luscious. Kinda gives your eyes the I-can't-believe-my-eyelashes-look-so-long-and-natural! look.
Pros: natural looking lashes, no clumps, no smudges, lengthening
Cons: $22, very thin film so you need to apply multiple times to get the voluminous look.

And finally, for a cheaper solution,
E.l.f. Cosmetic's Earth and Water Duo for...drumroll please....
$1~! Duo application for dry and wet occassions.

Pros: $1! Doesn't smudge at all and doesn't really clump if you apply it correctly. My sister and I liked this one because at the end of the night, you don't look like a raccoon!
Cons: for a $1, no complaints!

What are your favorite mascaras?

Music Genome Project

Um, do you like music? Yeah you do, unless you're a ROBOT. (Especially if you're one of those fancy dancing robots, in which case, you probably hate the fact that every time the same song plays, you have to shake that moneymaker. Shake it! Shake that moneymakeAH!)

Also, do you like free stuff? YEAH you do! Especially these days, with online music stores charging an arm and a leg for songs while not allowing you to send it to friends or post it online or whatever. (I'm looking at you, ITUNES.)

Okay, where was I? It's so easy to lose your train of thought when you're watching DVRed Gossip Girl and double fisting with a can of wasabi soy sauce almonds and an instant Betty Crocker brownie - deeeelicious!

Point is - Pandora Radio. You go to the website, type in an artist or song that you like, and it will create a radio station for you based on what you picked. Ultimately, you'll probably discover some music that you've never heard of and that you'll love, and don't worry! You can add more types of music to your personal radio station so it's not just one thing, and you can save your profile so that you won't lose the ultimate playlist custom made for YOU.

Pandora Radio. You can thank me later.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Buying Shoes = Helping Children!

As ladies, we inherently like to shop. For some, it's handbags. For others, it's sunglasses. But for the majority, it's SHOES.

What if there was somewhere that would match every pair purchased with a donated pair to a child in need? Kind of a sweet deal, right? So this guy, Tom, took people's love to shop and combined it with a philanthropic deed! This year, the official "shoe drop" location is South Africa, and there are only 8 more days left before they depart with the shoes.

Prices range from $38 - $68. Do your good deed for the month, and buy a pair of shoes so that a child can have one, too!


Just Tote-ing Around...

For those of you who know me, totes are my new obsession. I heart totes. I am a long time tote carrier/lover and only recently have I decided to one day begin my very own Tote Empire, creating totes with interesting and cute patterns for any occasion (except for formal. If you are bringing a tote to a formal occasion, we need to talk. please email me.) After a friend of mine took sewing classes and began creating her very own totes, the wheels in my head have started to turn, thus the birth of my new obsession!

Rootote (Super Planning Co.) designs really cute ones with side zip pockets for you to put your keys so they are never misplaced. I bought mine at Urban Outfitters. (sorry,I can't find a pic of it for you)

Homegrown Skinny is another blogger who creates her own tote bags. She makes super cute ones and sells them online!

If you're a tote- lover like me, check out this site to learn to make your own and start your own empire!
Here's a pattern for a squishy bag to start!
Let me know how it goes!

Good Gift Idea

Who DOESN'T like ice cream? Nobody, that's who. Which is why, instead of sending people steaks or flowers or lametastic fruit baskets, we should all be sending each other buckets of ice cream. And to make it more personal, there is a website where you can CUSTOM MAKE your own! Did you just get so excited that you may have wet your pants a little? (With drool, kids. We're not pervs here.)

Orders arrive in 4 containers, regardless of how much you buy. 1/2 gallons (4 pints) is $49.99, full gallon (4 quarts) is $79.99, second flavors are $5.00, each mix-ins are $2.50 (limit two).

Some of MY favorite flavors include: almond, bananas foster, birthday cake, chocolate mousse, cinnamon, CREME DE MENTHE, green tea, key lime, mango, moka, nutmeg, PUMPKIN PIE, raspberry, spumoni, TIRAMISU. You know, just in case you're feeling generous and want to show your appreciation for us. Or whatever. You make the call.

Also, how cute is their website?

Sure, it's kind of ridiculous to spend 50 bucks on 1/2 a gallon of ice cream, but these are gifts FROM THE HEART. What's a little cash compared to making a friend or family member or adorable child or beloved blogger deliriously happy? Would you really deprive those people of happiness? Why would you do that to a child? Why? Why? Now go get your credit card and starting ordering those precious children some ice cream! And by "precious children," I, of course, mean me.


Everyone has secrets

For those of us who like to watch soaps and teen dramas (like the so-terrible-it's-good Gossip Girl, which shouldn't even need its own post because its gloriousness is inherent in the title), and read tabloids with titles like "The Savage Secrets of Fred Savage," (is that not an article yet? People and Us Weekly need to get on this!) it's difficult to explain our love for examining the lives of the more interesting, beautiful, and/or trainwreck-like people around us. Or, in our case here at heywelikethis, the lives and goings-on of the weirdos that are inexplicably drawn to law school.

Anyways. Every Sunday, Frank Warren (doesn't that sound like a mysterious private investigaor name from the 50s? I need to reconsider the idea of changing my name.) posts new SECRETS that were anonymously sent to him from regular people like you and me and possibly Fred Savage from all over the U.S.

Pretty awesome stuff. So awesome, in fact, that the All-American Rejects, who, according to Wikipedia (Another thing we like that is so amazing in itself that it shouldn't need a separate post. If you don't already obsessively wikipedia things, our short-lived relationship may be on the rocks.) is a rock band from Stillwater, Oklahoma, and who featured actual secrets sent to Frank in their music video, "Dirty Little Secret."


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dirty Chex...or Delicious Snack?

So a friend of mine decided that she would make her own version of ChexMix, but only with Chex. Ingredients include: I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, and seasoned salt. (Did you know that it's pronounced "woo-sh-ter-sure?" Or something like that. Whatever, guys, calm down. I'm not British!)

There aren't alot left in the picture because, what can I say, they are kind of awesome and addicting the way that only party snacks can be. You know what I'm talking about. At the kind of boring party that your friend made you go to so she has a buffer, there's that table of lame and boring chips and cookies and brownies. And then there's that bowl. The tiny bowl of deliciousness that you can't seem to keep your hand out of until you realize it's only 45 minutes into the party and you've finished the whole bowl. It's like they did it on purpose, those bastards!

Anyways, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah. Follow the instructions on the side of Chex cereal with a bit of improvisation and then eat these babies right out of the oven. You won't regret it.

First Post!

This is the brainchild of two law students who would rather make our own tote bags (even though neither can sew), shop online, read comics, and talk about other things we like.

Yay for buying stuff!