Friday, October 26, 2007

Eye...finally found it~!

If you're like me (and my sister!) finding the perfect mascara has been a longtime journey, filled with many smudges, raccoon-like eyes, and clumpy lashes. I've tried almost every kind out there, and I have yet to find one that does it all; smudge proof, waterproof, non clumpy. volumizing, AND lengthening. That's right, I'm a woman who knows what she wants, and I want it all. All those brands that have boasted these qualities have all failed miserably and I had almost given up.

BUT, after much research, smudges, and clumps, I think I've found it! Benefits Bad Gal Lash~! I've read tons of reviews on this, and it seems about 75%-25%; 75% love it, 25% have had some complaints.
Pros: everything I just said earlier, and it comes in a huge tube, .3 oz so it'll last AND, after one coat, your lashes look thick, luscious, and definitely make your eyes, stand out.
Cons: bit pricey. it's $19 a tube, it has a huge brush (can be good or bad. Personally, I like the huge brush because it really helps with the volume, but some people have found it to be awkward), takes extra drying time, and hard to get off ( I actually thought it was pretty easy.)
Runner up is Imju Fiberwig Mascara, one of the top selling mascaras in Japan. It promises to legnthen your eyelashes while keeping it smudge proof and clean. The somewhat thin formula keeps your lashes clump free and natural looking, but doesn't make your lashes look luscious. Kinda gives your eyes the I-can't-believe-my-eyelashes-look-so-long-and-natural! look.
Pros: natural looking lashes, no clumps, no smudges, lengthening
Cons: $22, very thin film so you need to apply multiple times to get the voluminous look.

And finally, for a cheaper solution,
E.l.f. Cosmetic's Earth and Water Duo for...drumroll please....
$1~! Duo application for dry and wet occassions.

Pros: $1! Doesn't smudge at all and doesn't really clump if you apply it correctly. My sister and I liked this one because at the end of the night, you don't look like a raccoon!
Cons: for a $1, no complaints!

What are your favorite mascaras?


tee said...

um, I LOVE FIBERWIG!!! i have two bottles of it right now. looks like you have good taste, partner. well, i mean, you ARE friends with ME.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I got a semi- shout out on Hey, We Like This!
-the sister