Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good Gift Idea

Who DOESN'T like ice cream? Nobody, that's who. Which is why, instead of sending people steaks or flowers or lametastic fruit baskets, we should all be sending each other buckets of ice cream. And to make it more personal, there is a website where you can CUSTOM MAKE your own! Did you just get so excited that you may have wet your pants a little? (With drool, kids. We're not pervs here.)

Orders arrive in 4 containers, regardless of how much you buy. 1/2 gallons (4 pints) is $49.99, full gallon (4 quarts) is $79.99, second flavors are $5.00, each mix-ins are $2.50 (limit two).

Some of MY favorite flavors include: almond, bananas foster, birthday cake, chocolate mousse, cinnamon, CREME DE MENTHE, green tea, key lime, mango, moka, nutmeg, PUMPKIN PIE, raspberry, spumoni, TIRAMISU. You know, just in case you're feeling generous and want to show your appreciation for us. Or whatever. You make the call.

Also, how cute is their website?

Sure, it's kind of ridiculous to spend 50 bucks on 1/2 a gallon of ice cream, but these are gifts FROM THE HEART. What's a little cash compared to making a friend or family member or adorable child or beloved blogger deliriously happy? Would you really deprive those people of happiness? Why would you do that to a child? Why? Why? Now go get your credit card and starting ordering those precious children some ice cream! And by "precious children," I, of course, mean me.



Esther said...

you're going to send me ice cream? Thanks Sharon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~S~ said...

At $50 a pop...i'd send you two!

Karen said...

um, we are SO trying this out.