Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crap Movie, Awesome Scene

Keeping the Faith - do you remember this movie? You shouldn't, because it's kind of dumb. I bet Ed Norton looks back on this with shame. Ben Stiller, not so much. But yeah, I didn't either until I started reading more about Ken Leung (from LOST and Sopranos!) and I remembered, "Dong! Rhyme wit Flong!"


Jessica Simpson = Texas Girl

Song was leaked online yesterday, and I have to say, I like it. Why didn't she do this from the beginning? She would have had a lot more street cred with me than she does now, but I guess I applaud it anyways. Once a Texas Girl, always a Texas Girl. (Plus, she's from my hometown, so it's like we're the same. But she's blonde and famous and dating a Dallas Cowboy...and I'm none of those things.)

"Come On Over"

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Newton Faulkner

Only 23 and from the UK, this dude plays the guitar like Freddie Highmore from the movie August Rush. Did you see that movie? It was a good in-flight kind of movie, and I really liked the music.

Newton is also cool because his name is Newton. And he has red dreadlocks. And he's toured with Paolo Nutini (and John Mayer, too, if that convinces you of anything).

His website.
His Myspace.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sales Galore!

No pictures today, because I'm lazy and kind of really hungry, but it's that time of the year again!

Sales that start TODAY:

Neiman Marcus

Sales that started this week:

Yves Saint Laurent (in-stores)

Sales that start next week (presales NOW):

Saks Fifth Avenue


Monday, May 19, 2008

POP! Goes My Heart

The movie Music and Lyrics was okay, but the music videos were GREAT.

PoP! Goes My Heart

Sunday, May 18, 2008

alert! alert!

Super annoyed. Seems like everything I've bought/gotten done this week has been imperfect! My hair, which I paid a RIDICULOUS amount to get straightened, has this one annoying side where it's just frizzy. SO ANNOYING! I have to straighten it with an iron, ruining it even more, and defeating the purpose of getting it straightened!

Do NOT go to Hidy on 32st in Ktown.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q. Groovee bag I loved so much..has a defect. The friggin' hardware has fallen off!!! One of studs on the handle just fell off into my bf's hands. So now, I have to go to Saks and try to get a new one. This, I'm sure, will cause lots of problems because my receipt says I paid the full price, when I actually paid far less due to a promotion (and mistake on their behalf). If I end up paying full price, someone is getting punched.

NEXT, I went to the shoe store to get my Marc by Marc Jacobs patent peep toe pumps "protected" before I wear them for the first time. I knew this was going to happen but hoped that it wouldn't, but they got something on the back and now there are dull smudges where the shoe guy's hands were. After much polishing, it's still there although much smaller.

That is like...a total of almost $950 spent on stuff I overpaid for and had been meaning to do for a LONG time and now i'm so mad.

Anyway, 2 bag brands to be weary about: Marc by Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff. Both bags have been reported to have hardware that has fallen off.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Paolo Nutini

In the theme of talented young boys that I'm a little in love with, maybe a bit inappropriately, I want to introduce everyone to Paolo Nutini. He is by no means a new artist, but even though he's been on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, this kid just has NOT gotten the attention he deserves.

He's 21, and before he was discovered he had no musical experience whatsoever! Scottish/Italian - and amazing. AMAZING!

Here is him singing LIVE: "Last Request"

And here is a slideshow video of him singing his version of "Cry Me a River" - it's hot!

Look me in the eye and tell me that his voice doesn't make you swoon. I love him.

George Nozuka

Brother of Justin - more of a R&B artist.

"Talk to Me." Songs about sex always make me giggle...I guess I'm pretty immature.

"Last Time"

And randomly, here are some clips from "Degrassi" - which, if it had never been mentioned on How I Met Your Mother, I would never even known what it was, with Justin, George, and their brother Philip (who plays "Chester")

And...because I can't help it and I just really like this song...another video of Justin. (Does this make me a creep because I like the youngest Nozuka the best? Whatever.)

Louis Vuitton Monoflage

Another collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Takashi Murakami, this time with was a CAMOUFLAGE print. That's right. Camouflage.

Some pieces will be available in-store, but many items will only be available at the Brooklyn Museum of Art on June 1st, when the line launches at the Takashi Murakami current exhibit.

Now, I've been reading all over the place how tons of people think this is really ugly or crazy or lame or [insert other not so nice words here]. BUT. I'm going to go ahead and venture to say that this is a lot more interesting than those white and black rainbow bags that were so ubiquitous back when Jessica Simpson was still a "Newlywed." I mean, yeah, so-called classy ladies probably wouldn't be caught dead with one of these bags - but can't you just imagine some hip, street cool, slightly subversive/ironic girl walking around carrying a Monoflage Speedy like she just don't care? And looking HOT?

Yeah. You can bet your bottom I'll be there on June 1st all anxious and antsy trying to decide if I'm one of those girls...or just a wannabe. Or even, a "classics" snob.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Justin Nozuka

So weird that I read this on angryasianman because I had stumbled upon this guy while surfing youtube at work (yep, that's my job. no, seriously.) and I really liked his music!

He's only 19! And half Japanese. And his mother is Kyra Sedgwick's sister. So Kevin Bacon is his Uncle! And he has 6 other brothers and sisters. Craziness. Here's his Myspace, because then you can sample all the yumminess that is his music.

Go here for a song ("After Tonight") that I'm unable to embed but that I'm loving.

Here's a video that I'm digging...

And here is a song that really reminds me of a heavier (substance-wise, not weight-wise) Jason Mraz, whom I also love.

His older brother is a musician too...check out his Myspace here.

Hottest City Search Engine Around

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Spread the word!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Discussion between S and T

Just a taste of what a normal conversation between your lovely bloggers here is like on a daily basis. Throw in some stuff about things we want to buy, sales, and complaining about school/work, and that's us in a nutshell. Good luck getting through this...

T: i heard a lot of people were taking [professor x]* (name changed)

S: and reading it
and that's what's on the test
lauren is a good friend
i'd want her as a friend

you're so random
and i think she is annoying

S: haha
i would totally appreciate her
b/c she's so down to earth
and she's a good friend
like...she's concerned
and she's willing to be the bigger person and talk to audrina
b/c i can see how others would just avoid hte awkward situation

T: ...
i still think she's vapid and annoying

S: haha

T: the only reasonably sensible person on the "show" is whitney

S: what
whitney is like...almost an airhead.
she just repeats what lauren says

T:'re dumb

S: and hten makes her eyes wide

T: whitney is smart

S: haha

T: she knows she is on tv
she never gets in the middle of the drama
she repeats lauren because that way it seems like she is being lauren's friend
but she is not talking smack about people
lauren just follows her everywhere and whitney is the smart one

S: but the show is ABOUT lauren
she has to have drama
and the tvs have to follow her

T: yeah
she is annoying

S: i just feel like she's so much mroe down to earth than the other main characters
like audrina and lo and heidi
just cuz she's filthy rich but she still works hard
and i mean, she gets in ppl's buisness

T: uhhh i know you love the hills
but i seriously hate that show
it's not good tv
it's one of the only shows that i actually feel like i get dumber when i see it
it has the same predictable stuff - just people creating drama
it's not written well
it's not acted well
the characters aren't pretty

S: i know
it's my guilty pleasure
and i can't even figure out why i like it

T: maybe it makes you feel smarter

S: haha
it makes me feel's one of those thigns where u don't hav to think
i think since lawschool
i like to do things where i dn't ahve to think

T: haha
yeah i understand that
but that's why you watch like

S: yeah

T: or the office

S: ok
is like

it really is

S: i don't relly know why i like htat show either

T: i can't wait for monday

S: yeah

T: i love it because i love josh schwartz
when he did the oc

S: which one?

T: i was obsessed for the first 2 seasons
he is the producer or whatever

S: ohh

T: he's effing brilliant

S: i like hte mom

T: lily?

S: i don't like jenny. she's stupid
yeah lily

T: i didn't at first, but she is growing on me
i kind of want her and bart bass to marry

S: erally?

T: because then she could have an affair with rufus

S: i want her and rufus

T: and chuck and serena could be bro/sis

S: hahhahah

T: he brings out an interesting side to her
i like it
and i like that he is so nice to serena's brother
and i love that lily calls chuck "charles"
i want her to marry bart
and be a little miserable
but keeping up the good face
and then bart reverts back to HIS playboy ways and cheats on her
so she has to turn to rufus for comfort
and he tries to convince her to leave bart
but she can't because she loves the status
...i could write this trash

S: hahah
u really could

T: i REALLY really could

S: i want her to marry rufus
so she feels like she made a decision for herself and she chose love this time over money

T: no way
then dan and serena can't be together
it's taboo

S: eyah that won't happen
i just wish
plus the show woudl suck after that

T: they could be together, but not get married

S: maybe right before she marries him
she finds out he cheats

T: no way
too easy
it's got to be AFTER
to keep the show going
because then everyone will be like...what will she do!
besides, one more marriage won't kill her
she's had 3
i need blair's parents back in the show
they were interesting
i also need something crazy to happen between nate and vanessa
like, they elope or something ridiculous
or like, she gets pregnant

S: wait i missed it with them
are htey dating?

T: kind of

S: should i go for a run

T: why not
it's a nice day
i'm posting this conversation about gg on our blog

P.S. I don't really think S is dumb...just thought I'd clarify that if people actually read this and think that I'm a jerk.

P.P.S. I got my laptop back! It was really fast! And it looks brand new!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Sorry for the random post, but this is to all the bidders on my Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q. Groovee bag. I've been receiving many emails about the bag, and requests for pictures, but a lot of these email addresses don't seem to be working. SO! I am directing everyone to this site so they can all just look at it.

Some info:

I am willing to ship internationally, but that is subject to a flat rate of $55, AND that in the event it actually costs more, you will have to pay more for shipping when you pay for the item.

I do have the receipt and will send you a copy of it, with the prices for the bags blocked out.

I guarantee authenticity. Like I said, I purchased both of my bags from Saks Fifth Avenue on a promotion.

And that's it!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Small Hiatus, LONG Post

As a few of you know, my laptop was recently knocked to the ground by a crazed law student. Well, kind of. Not really. Okay, fine, someone accidentally knocked it and completely did not mean to do it. And, no, that "someone" is not me.

Point is, today I have to send my baby in for repairs, and that means I will be without Internet communication for approximately 2 weeks. It's going to be tough, like breaking an addiction, but what can you do. And actually, I will still have Internet when I go to work, and if I decide that I can't bear to be without it I could always drive to school and use the computers there...but most likely, if there is posting here, it will be done at work.

So in lieu my absence for the upcoming week or two, I leave you a few things.

Neiman Marcus FIRST MARK SALE is TODAY ONLY - in store and online, 30% off selected CURRENT SPRING items. And TOMORROW is the Neiman Marcus FIRST CALL SALE, where things will be marked down 40%. For the exact flyer's wording, see below the picture.

"First Mark only May 6. Save extravagantly throughout the store. Here's just a sampling: 40% off all S/S dresses, 30% off an enhanced selection of handbags and women's shoes, 25% off all men's shoes and tailored clothing, plus men's denim, 20% off selected crystal and silver...It's just one day! These and more exclusive savings are yours to enjoy only May 6, but the next day are BACK TO FULL PRICE."

First call Starts May 7. Featuring women's designer and couture, contemporary and career sportswear, eveningwear, dresses, intimate apparel, and designer shoes, handbags, and coats, plus children's apparel and gift galleries. Save 25% to 50% off this enticing selection and more. You'll want to shop first thing for these GREAT SAVINGS."

Barneys in store sale will be June 1, so get ready! (Generally 40% off)

The Fall comes out this Friday, May 9. I can't WAIT for exams to be over so I can finally catch up on all the good movies that have come out lately!

Li Wei - Asian, artist, and a flying man.

Just a reminder: Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 11.

Barack Obama doing Letterman's Top 10.

And to be fair, Hilary Clinton's Top 10 from last year.

This is probably old news to a lot of people now, but just in case y'all haven't read about it yet, you should. Louis Vuitton is suing a Darfur Fundraiser for Copyright Infringement. You heard me. This is the picture in controversy:

To find out more or to support the artist's cause, go to Nadia Plesner's fundraiser for Darfur.

And on a lighter note, The Met's Costume Institute Ball was last night, and the theme was Superheroes. I wish someone would have invited Stan Lee - that would have been HILARIOUS. Anyways, this is my favorite photo so far.

Partially because of the hot dress and hot pink heels and hot pink manicure, but also partially because Pacey is standing so dutifully in the back waiting for his woman to finish taking her hot pictures. LOVE IT. If I were a superhero, I'd wear a short dress and sexy shoes, too.

Are you sick of this post yet?!

Me too.

See you on the other side!


Remember the feud between Rain and Stephen Colbert?

Here's what we've all been waiting for...

Rain v. Stephen Colbert DANCE OFF!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tulle Shop

Hello again, for the 3rd time today!

Just a quick blog to inform y'all about Tulle. It's an online shop with really cute clothes and accessories for super cheap!

There is Rachel Bilson with a Tulle Trench, for $68! Too bad it sold out in all colors and sizes.

Yoga Wear~

This year, as my New Year's resolution, I resolved to eat healthier, work out more, and find peace of mind. So I went out and bought a pilates mat, a pilates bag (to carry my mat to and from the living room and my bedroom) and a pilates DVD. That lasted all about 2 weeks. Then I joined a really expensive gym that offered Pilates class. I went to two. And then I went out and bought a bunch of pilates/yoga gear, which I have one only to the library. And now, since the BF has caught onto my new illegitimate craze, he bought me one of canada's premier yoga wear lines, Lululemon Athletica! Their stuff is super comfortable, very yoga-chic, but also, as with most yoga wear, super expensive. However, they've come to the states and their gear is just fab. The bf bought me a pair of capri yoga pants (which i'm sure i'll wear to yoga), and I also have a grey hoody from them (which he paid $100 for, and it never wear b/c it's kinda odd shaped).

anyway, I have nothing else to say about them, i'm not even going to give you a picture. just click HERE.


T's series of youtube dance offs are HYSTERICAL! I love miley cyrus, she's such a good sport. too bad she's in hiding because of her risque semi-nude photos for vanity fair. doesn't anyone know better than to let a 15 year old chick pose like that? i dad? btw, wtf was up with her pics with her dad? Watching the actual shoot (below), it doesn't seem SO bad, but seeing the pics....slightly grosso. but i guess when you think about it, she's 15, she's daddy's little girl, she's just really tall for her age and so that makes her look like his "other woman/daughter". I'm super affectionate with my papa and when holding his hand to cross the street, I sometimes realize that I'm actually 26 and this must look kinda sick. Well that and, I'm 26 I can cross the street by myself.

In other news, I am done with my 2 back to back exams, and have one LARGE one to go on Tuesday. That will be interesting considering that I have done nothing to prepare so far, but a 150 pages of notes to "outline." Last night I had a dream that I was reviewing rules of evidence (FRE 413 and 414 to be exact), and I kept repeating all these rules. the BF says...well good at least you studied in ur sleep. does he not realize that I have not yet read over my notes and thus EVERYTHING I STUDIED IN MY SLEEP WAS MADE UP RULES OF EVIDENCE?!!?! i just fed myself a bunch of lies and now it's embedded in my brain. So what did i do first thing I woke up? I went and got my nails done. whew. now I feel better. the world is normal again.

The Youtube Dance Battle Continues!

And OH SNAP the cameos are SICK!!! I was DYING watching this...

For the videos that started it all...go here.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Two Amazing Non-American Singers

EDIT - Adele does have an album out! And as much as I hate iTunes, I think I might buy it to support her. Thanks, Cheri!

Australian and award-winning: Missy Higgins.
"The Special Two" - Not a total fan of the video, but the song is GREAT.

and the person/song that has me enthralled...

Critically acclaimed (though no album out yet!) Brit: Adele:
"Hometown Glory" - She's only 19! Her voice is like audio velvet.

Adele's song was recently on "One Tree Hill" and so has been getting more and more press, expecially on music blogs, so I figured it was time to stop sitting on this gloriousness and share her with y'all, too. (Shoutouts to my friend Brenda, whose car in which I first heard this song, and Cheri, who sent the song to Brenda in the first place - and from whom I get a lot of my great music these days!)

And yes, I know it's almost 3:30am.