Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reusable Bags

Not only is it cool to own cool reusable bags for your groceries and shopping instead of Al Gore's enemy, the plastic bag, it's good for the environment. In an effort to stay away from spewing out too many specific statistics, let's just say that in one year, Americans use over 100s of billions of plastic bags. That's a number I can't even wrap my head around!

But really, aren't people who carry around reusable bags to do their shopping kind of weird? Maybe sometimes, but you don't have to be that person.

Here are some options that you might want to look into (you know, for the earth's posterity, and let's face it, your own coolness):

This one is an ACME Bag. Ripstop nylon, fits over 25 lbs, folds into a tiny sack on the inside of the bag so that you can pack it away in your purse or pocket. They come in 3 colors: blue, orange, and red.

I agree, though, that this one is kind of plain. Plain...or...just not quite cool enough for you to pretend to be a hipster.

$7.95, which is a pretty good deal.

Find them at

This next one is called the ChicoBag and it comes in a lot more colors, for those of you who need variety in your life. Made of woven nylon, it holds up to 20lbs. It has a one year warranty, and they have their own recycling program for people who use ChicoBags, whatever that means.

They come in eleven colors, so you could buy one for every outfit. The one kind of blah part about these bags are the big "ChicoBags" label stamped on to the front of every bag.

$5 per bag, or $20 for 5. Look for them at

This next bag is by Envirosax. Made from waterproof material (which is kind of vague if you ask me, and you did), each bag holds the equivalent of 2 regular plastic bags.

They come in what seems like a million colors and graphic designs, these look fun and cute (just like we are!) and will definitely not make you look lame at the store.

Available as single items or as assortment of 5 bags.

$7.95 for one, $35 for a pouch of 5. Go to Envirosax.

Lastly, and my favorite (yes, we do discriminate here at heywelikethis), Baggus! Made with ripstop nylon, Baggus hold up to 25 lbs and as much as 2 to 3 plastic bags.

Made with a large gusset on the bottom, the bags will sit flat when set down. They fold into a 5in x 5in pouch that fits into your back pocket.

With 8 colors to choose from, there aren't too many choices to overwhelm you, but there are enough to keep you satisfied. (Fuschia, khaki, navy, black, grey, aqua, and red & olive - which is currently sold out, but will be restocked on November 10.) And it's not too feminine or earth-child-dress-made-of-wheat. Go to the website and you'll find pictures of very cool, non-girly guys carrying them.

$8 for one, $22 for three, or $38 for six. Yay for Baggus!


k said...

um, i'm totally getting one.

Karen said...

um, i'm totally getting one.

thanks! :)

mb said...

You should check out the cotton bags called minusbags. A very stylish, colorful, lightweight option that's made in the US.