Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things of Interest

I know, I know. You're thinking, back so soon? Well there's nothing like saying something is OVER to get me interested again. What can I say, I'm fickle like that.

First things first:

Must Read
Gossip Girl Commentary - NYmag. I almost enjoy these recaps more than the actual show itself. Speaking of which, did you watch last night? We finally got a glimpse of evil Serena...and it was hot.

Obama Love
In case you hadn't heard, the Obama campaign tapped into a bunch of amazing designers to design bags, tshirts, and accessories whose profits go to supporting the Presidential Candidate. And one of those designers is my FAVORITE: Alexander Wang. His tank top is finally available (it had been sold out until now)!

Sample Sale of a Lifetime
Hermes. is. having. a. SALE. HERMES! TOMORROW!
When: Wed 10am-6pm, Thurs 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 10-6pm
Where: Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 West 18th Street (between 6th and 7th), 4th floor.

Beckhams in NYC
Friday, 5pm, MACY's, Herald Square. I'm kind of in love with Posh, so I'm kind of freaking out. More info about the appearance here.

Posting all these makes me feel productive, and it's only 11:10am! Now I guess it's time to work, since I'm at work...

School Sucks

How is it almost October already?!

Currently working on a new blog since this one is dying, and I'm obviously a big proponent of throwing things away when they aren't useful to me anymore. And clearly this blog has neither helped S nor me become famous in any way. So be on the lookout for a new read - although I don't know if heywelikethis will ever truly die, as S and I are both creatures of habit. That is to say, we're materialistic and will always be big shopppers, and we also like to give our opinions on things, whether people asked to hear them or not.

Therefore, dwindling the posts may be, there need not be reason to fret, lovely handful of readers. I'm sure we'll find reasons to post on here quite frequently right around Thanksgiving...aka when people start studying for finals.

Sunday, September 14, 2008