Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Love Food

I have this problem where I can't follow recipe instructions. Not like, things turn out badly or ugly or whatever - but I like to change things around and improvise a little bit. YOU know, like use a HEART shaped cookie cutter instead of a regular boring one that boring people use.

Wait, what?

Oh recipes, right.

It's fun to look through websites that have good recipes and try new things - I particularly like websites with pictures, because, let's face it, recipe websites/books without pictures are just no fun. How do you know what it's supposed to look like when it's done? As a grad student, I will be the first to admit that I'm no pro; I need reassurance!

So this is where Kraft Foods comes in. Or, more specifically Kraft Food & Family Magazine. This thing is a) a quarterly magazine, and more importantly, b) FREE!!! Additionally, you sometimes get free products and coupons. AND, the key to its greatness is THE PICTURES. Great pictures, easy recipes, and yummy food. What else do you need? Maybe a nice eating companion? Liiiike, me? Because I like to eat?

Whatever, guys. Let's just be honest. I like to stuff my face. It's cool, I've made my peace with it, so you should too.

Oh and if you don't want to subscribe for whatever reason (maybe you don't want to waste paper, because you love trees or something), their website is good for recipes too. Although, as much as I love trees, I recommend the magazine.

Kraft Food & Family Magazine.

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