Friday, October 26, 2007

Music Genome Project

Um, do you like music? Yeah you do, unless you're a ROBOT. (Especially if you're one of those fancy dancing robots, in which case, you probably hate the fact that every time the same song plays, you have to shake that moneymaker. Shake it! Shake that moneymakeAH!)

Also, do you like free stuff? YEAH you do! Especially these days, with online music stores charging an arm and a leg for songs while not allowing you to send it to friends or post it online or whatever. (I'm looking at you, ITUNES.)

Okay, where was I? It's so easy to lose your train of thought when you're watching DVRed Gossip Girl and double fisting with a can of wasabi soy sauce almonds and an instant Betty Crocker brownie - deeeelicious!

Point is - Pandora Radio. You go to the website, type in an artist or song that you like, and it will create a radio station for you based on what you picked. Ultimately, you'll probably discover some music that you've never heard of and that you'll love, and don't worry! You can add more types of music to your personal radio station so it's not just one thing, and you can save your profile so that you won't lose the ultimate playlist custom made for YOU.

Pandora Radio. You can thank me later.

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k said...

i will try this! :)