Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just Tote-ing Around...

For those of you who know me, totes are my new obsession. I heart totes. I am a long time tote carrier/lover and only recently have I decided to one day begin my very own Tote Empire, creating totes with interesting and cute patterns for any occasion (except for formal. If you are bringing a tote to a formal occasion, we need to talk. please email me.) After a friend of mine took sewing classes and began creating her very own totes, the wheels in my head have started to turn, thus the birth of my new obsession!

Rootote (Super Planning Co.) designs really cute ones with side zip pockets for you to put your keys so they are never misplaced. I bought mine at Urban Outfitters. (sorry,I can't find a pic of it for you)

Homegrown Skinny is another blogger who creates her own tote bags. She makes super cute ones and sells them online!

If you're a tote- lover like me, check out this site to learn to make your own and start your own empire!
Here's a pattern for a squishy bag to start!
Let me know how it goes!


Hannah Yu said...

this is the best blog i've ever seen. kudos to s and tee!!!

Jin Kyung said...

thanks for giving me a shout-out! =)
awesome blog.
keep the entries coming...

clair said...

MAKE ME A TOTE!!! An ORIGINAL Sharon tote! I'll cherish it forever.