Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Everyone has secrets

For those of us who like to watch soaps and teen dramas (like the so-terrible-it's-good Gossip Girl, which shouldn't even need its own post because its gloriousness is inherent in the title), and read tabloids with titles like "The Savage Secrets of Fred Savage," (is that not an article yet? People and Us Weekly need to get on this!) it's difficult to explain our love for examining the lives of the more interesting, beautiful, and/or trainwreck-like people around us. Or, in our case here at heywelikethis, the lives and goings-on of the weirdos that are inexplicably drawn to law school.

Anyways. Every Sunday, Frank Warren (doesn't that sound like a mysterious private investigaor name from the 50s? I need to reconsider the idea of changing my name.) posts new SECRETS that were anonymously sent to him from regular people like you and me and possibly Fred Savage from all over the U.S.

Pretty awesome stuff. So awesome, in fact, that the All-American Rejects, who, according to Wikipedia (Another thing we like that is so amazing in itself that it shouldn't need a separate post. If you don't already obsessively wikipedia things, our short-lived relationship may be on the rocks.) is a rock band from Stillwater, Oklahoma, and who featured actual secrets sent to Frank in their music video, "Dirty Little Secret."


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