Thursday, May 1, 2008

Two Amazing Non-American Singers

EDIT - Adele does have an album out! And as much as I hate iTunes, I think I might buy it to support her. Thanks, Cheri!

Australian and award-winning: Missy Higgins.
"The Special Two" - Not a total fan of the video, but the song is GREAT.

and the person/song that has me enthralled...

Critically acclaimed (though no album out yet!) Brit: Adele:
"Hometown Glory" - She's only 19! Her voice is like audio velvet.

Adele's song was recently on "One Tree Hill" and so has been getting more and more press, expecially on music blogs, so I figured it was time to stop sitting on this gloriousness and share her with y'all, too. (Shoutouts to my friend Brenda, whose car in which I first heard this song, and Cheri, who sent the song to Brenda in the first place - and from whom I get a lot of my great music these days!)

And yes, I know it's almost 3:30am.


Hannah Yu said...

can't wait til her album comes out.

Cheri said...

adele does have an album out. Itunes should have it. It is called 19.