Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Small Hiatus, LONG Post

As a few of you know, my laptop was recently knocked to the ground by a crazed law student. Well, kind of. Not really. Okay, fine, someone accidentally knocked it and completely did not mean to do it. And, no, that "someone" is not me.

Point is, today I have to send my baby in for repairs, and that means I will be without Internet communication for approximately 2 weeks. It's going to be tough, like breaking an addiction, but what can you do. And actually, I will still have Internet when I go to work, and if I decide that I can't bear to be without it I could always drive to school and use the computers there...but most likely, if there is posting here, it will be done at work.

So in lieu my absence for the upcoming week or two, I leave you a few things.

Neiman Marcus FIRST MARK SALE is TODAY ONLY - in store and online, 30% off selected CURRENT SPRING items. And TOMORROW is the Neiman Marcus FIRST CALL SALE, where things will be marked down 40%. For the exact flyer's wording, see below the picture.

"First Mark only May 6. Save extravagantly throughout the store. Here's just a sampling: 40% off all S/S dresses, 30% off an enhanced selection of handbags and women's shoes, 25% off all men's shoes and tailored clothing, plus men's denim, 20% off selected crystal and silver...It's just one day! These and more exclusive savings are yours to enjoy only May 6, but the next day are BACK TO FULL PRICE."

First call Starts May 7. Featuring women's designer and couture, contemporary and career sportswear, eveningwear, dresses, intimate apparel, and designer shoes, handbags, and coats, plus children's apparel and gift galleries. Save 25% to 50% off this enticing selection and more. You'll want to shop first thing for these GREAT SAVINGS."

Barneys in store sale will be June 1, so get ready! (Generally 40% off)

The Fall comes out this Friday, May 9. I can't WAIT for exams to be over so I can finally catch up on all the good movies that have come out lately!

Li Wei - Asian, artist, and a flying man.

Just a reminder: Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 11.

Barack Obama doing Letterman's Top 10.

And to be fair, Hilary Clinton's Top 10 from last year.

This is probably old news to a lot of people now, but just in case y'all haven't read about it yet, you should. Louis Vuitton is suing a Darfur Fundraiser for Copyright Infringement. You heard me. This is the picture in controversy:

To find out more or to support the artist's cause, go to Nadia Plesner's fundraiser for Darfur.

And on a lighter note, The Met's Costume Institute Ball was last night, and the theme was Superheroes. I wish someone would have invited Stan Lee - that would have been HILARIOUS. Anyways, this is my favorite photo so far.

Partially because of the hot dress and hot pink heels and hot pink manicure, but also partially because Pacey is standing so dutifully in the back waiting for his woman to finish taking her hot pictures. LOVE IT. If I were a superhero, I'd wear a short dress and sexy shoes, too.

Are you sick of this post yet?!

Me too.

See you on the other side!


Remember the feud between Rain and Stephen Colbert?

Here's what we've all been waiting for...

Rain v. Stephen Colbert DANCE OFF!!!

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