Friday, May 2, 2008


T's series of youtube dance offs are HYSTERICAL! I love miley cyrus, she's such a good sport. too bad she's in hiding because of her risque semi-nude photos for vanity fair. doesn't anyone know better than to let a 15 year old chick pose like that? i dad? btw, wtf was up with her pics with her dad? Watching the actual shoot (below), it doesn't seem SO bad, but seeing the pics....slightly grosso. but i guess when you think about it, she's 15, she's daddy's little girl, she's just really tall for her age and so that makes her look like his "other woman/daughter". I'm super affectionate with my papa and when holding his hand to cross the street, I sometimes realize that I'm actually 26 and this must look kinda sick. Well that and, I'm 26 I can cross the street by myself.

In other news, I am done with my 2 back to back exams, and have one LARGE one to go on Tuesday. That will be interesting considering that I have done nothing to prepare so far, but a 150 pages of notes to "outline." Last night I had a dream that I was reviewing rules of evidence (FRE 413 and 414 to be exact), and I kept repeating all these rules. the BF says...well good at least you studied in ur sleep. does he not realize that I have not yet read over my notes and thus EVERYTHING I STUDIED IN MY SLEEP WAS MADE UP RULES OF EVIDENCE?!!?! i just fed myself a bunch of lies and now it's embedded in my brain. So what did i do first thing I woke up? I went and got my nails done. whew. now I feel better. the world is normal again.

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