Sunday, May 18, 2008

alert! alert!

Super annoyed. Seems like everything I've bought/gotten done this week has been imperfect! My hair, which I paid a RIDICULOUS amount to get straightened, has this one annoying side where it's just frizzy. SO ANNOYING! I have to straighten it with an iron, ruining it even more, and defeating the purpose of getting it straightened!

Do NOT go to Hidy on 32st in Ktown.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q. Groovee bag I loved so much..has a defect. The friggin' hardware has fallen off!!! One of studs on the handle just fell off into my bf's hands. So now, I have to go to Saks and try to get a new one. This, I'm sure, will cause lots of problems because my receipt says I paid the full price, when I actually paid far less due to a promotion (and mistake on their behalf). If I end up paying full price, someone is getting punched.

NEXT, I went to the shoe store to get my Marc by Marc Jacobs patent peep toe pumps "protected" before I wear them for the first time. I knew this was going to happen but hoped that it wouldn't, but they got something on the back and now there are dull smudges where the shoe guy's hands were. After much polishing, it's still there although much smaller.

That is like...a total of almost $950 spent on stuff I overpaid for and had been meaning to do for a LONG time and now i'm so mad.

Anyway, 2 bag brands to be weary about: Marc by Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff. Both bags have been reported to have hardware that has fallen off.

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tee said...

So unofficially, we are now unhappy with both MBMJ and RM bags. I'm sorry things have been icky for you lately - that can only mean things will get better!