Thursday, May 15, 2008

Justin Nozuka

So weird that I read this on angryasianman because I had stumbled upon this guy while surfing youtube at work (yep, that's my job. no, seriously.) and I really liked his music!

He's only 19! And half Japanese. And his mother is Kyra Sedgwick's sister. So Kevin Bacon is his Uncle! And he has 6 other brothers and sisters. Craziness. Here's his Myspace, because then you can sample all the yumminess that is his music.

Go here for a song ("After Tonight") that I'm unable to embed but that I'm loving.

Here's a video that I'm digging...

And here is a song that really reminds me of a heavier (substance-wise, not weight-wise) Jason Mraz, whom I also love.

His older brother is a musician too...check out his Myspace here.

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Susan said...

this Justin guy is great! keep 'em coming...