Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Discussion between S and T

Just a taste of what a normal conversation between your lovely bloggers here is like on a daily basis. Throw in some stuff about things we want to buy, sales, and complaining about school/work, and that's us in a nutshell. Good luck getting through this...

T: i heard a lot of people were taking [professor x]* (name changed)

S: and reading it
and that's what's on the test
lauren is a good friend
i'd want her as a friend

you're so random
and i think she is annoying

S: haha
i would totally appreciate her
b/c she's so down to earth
and she's a good friend
like...she's concerned
and she's willing to be the bigger person and talk to audrina
b/c i can see how others would just avoid hte awkward situation

T: ...
i still think she's vapid and annoying

S: haha

T: the only reasonably sensible person on the "show" is whitney

S: what
whitney is like...almost an airhead.
she just repeats what lauren says

T:'re dumb

S: and hten makes her eyes wide

T: whitney is smart

S: haha

T: she knows she is on tv
she never gets in the middle of the drama
she repeats lauren because that way it seems like she is being lauren's friend
but she is not talking smack about people
lauren just follows her everywhere and whitney is the smart one

S: but the show is ABOUT lauren
she has to have drama
and the tvs have to follow her

T: yeah
she is annoying

S: i just feel like she's so much mroe down to earth than the other main characters
like audrina and lo and heidi
just cuz she's filthy rich but she still works hard
and i mean, she gets in ppl's buisness

T: uhhh i know you love the hills
but i seriously hate that show
it's not good tv
it's one of the only shows that i actually feel like i get dumber when i see it
it has the same predictable stuff - just people creating drama
it's not written well
it's not acted well
the characters aren't pretty

S: i know
it's my guilty pleasure
and i can't even figure out why i like it

T: maybe it makes you feel smarter

S: haha
it makes me feel's one of those thigns where u don't hav to think
i think since lawschool
i like to do things where i dn't ahve to think

T: haha
yeah i understand that
but that's why you watch like

S: yeah

T: or the office

S: ok
is like

it really is

S: i don't relly know why i like htat show either

T: i can't wait for monday

S: yeah

T: i love it because i love josh schwartz
when he did the oc

S: which one?

T: i was obsessed for the first 2 seasons
he is the producer or whatever

S: ohh

T: he's effing brilliant

S: i like hte mom

T: lily?

S: i don't like jenny. she's stupid
yeah lily

T: i didn't at first, but she is growing on me
i kind of want her and bart bass to marry

S: erally?

T: because then she could have an affair with rufus

S: i want her and rufus

T: and chuck and serena could be bro/sis

S: hahhahah

T: he brings out an interesting side to her
i like it
and i like that he is so nice to serena's brother
and i love that lily calls chuck "charles"
i want her to marry bart
and be a little miserable
but keeping up the good face
and then bart reverts back to HIS playboy ways and cheats on her
so she has to turn to rufus for comfort
and he tries to convince her to leave bart
but she can't because she loves the status
...i could write this trash

S: hahah
u really could

T: i REALLY really could

S: i want her to marry rufus
so she feels like she made a decision for herself and she chose love this time over money

T: no way
then dan and serena can't be together
it's taboo

S: eyah that won't happen
i just wish
plus the show woudl suck after that

T: they could be together, but not get married

S: maybe right before she marries him
she finds out he cheats

T: no way
too easy
it's got to be AFTER
to keep the show going
because then everyone will be like...what will she do!
besides, one more marriage won't kill her
she's had 3
i need blair's parents back in the show
they were interesting
i also need something crazy to happen between nate and vanessa
like, they elope or something ridiculous
or like, she gets pregnant

S: wait i missed it with them
are htey dating?

T: kind of

S: should i go for a run

T: why not
it's a nice day
i'm posting this conversation about gg on our blog

P.S. I don't really think S is dumb...just thought I'd clarify that if people actually read this and think that I'm a jerk.

P.P.S. I got my laptop back! It was really fast! And it looks brand new!!!

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