Friday, May 2, 2008

Yoga Wear~

This year, as my New Year's resolution, I resolved to eat healthier, work out more, and find peace of mind. So I went out and bought a pilates mat, a pilates bag (to carry my mat to and from the living room and my bedroom) and a pilates DVD. That lasted all about 2 weeks. Then I joined a really expensive gym that offered Pilates class. I went to two. And then I went out and bought a bunch of pilates/yoga gear, which I have one only to the library. And now, since the BF has caught onto my new illegitimate craze, he bought me one of canada's premier yoga wear lines, Lululemon Athletica! Their stuff is super comfortable, very yoga-chic, but also, as with most yoga wear, super expensive. However, they've come to the states and their gear is just fab. The bf bought me a pair of capri yoga pants (which i'm sure i'll wear to yoga), and I also have a grey hoody from them (which he paid $100 for, and it never wear b/c it's kinda odd shaped).

anyway, I have nothing else to say about them, i'm not even going to give you a picture. just click HERE.

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tee said...

I request more pictures in your posts.