Thursday, March 5, 2009

I want a spring garden but I have no backyard.

Above is the story of many New Yorkers living within the 5 boroughs. With Spring right around the corner (although it really doesn't feel like it), I have gotten it into my head that I would like a spring garden, and I would like it right now. I don't even think that I would be any good at this considering that all the plants I have ever owned have died, some with a gallant attempt to survive, and some just submitting to their ill-fated lives at the hands of me, the destroyer.

But I still would like a spring garden.
I would definitely grow herbs that I use frequently, possibly some vegetables like a tomato tree because who doesn't always need that ONE tomato (OMG I almost pulled a Dan Quail and added an "e" at the end of tomato, like potato.) Oh and yes, I would of course include a couple of my favorite flowers so that I can pick them and dress our house. I REALLY want one. I love fresh flowers, I hate paying for them.

courtesy of {littlebrownpen}

courtesy of {a cup of Jo}

Gasp! I just had an urge to move out of NYC...scary...

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