Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pretty People

From April's Glamour: American Icons photo shoot:

Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama

I love that blue dress.

Emma Roberts as Audrey Hepburn

Less interested in E.R., more interested in the fact that this is one of my favorite scenes from Funny Face! Except the balloons are supposed to be red. Duh.

America Ferrera as Dolores Huerta

America has a) the best name, b) awesome hair, or c) both A and B.

Camilla Belle as Mary Tyler Moore

Camilla Belle also has a really cool name. And I love this picture. And I kind of wish I looked like her.

Alexis Bledel as Rosie the Riveter

Two words: RORY GILMORE!

And this Rosie the Riveter poster has really made a comeback thanks to this crappy economy. Exhibit B:

Alexa Chung article in the Guardian

Just FYI, I think this girl is the bee's knees. Along with the rest of the world. Alexa, if you ever see this somehow, can we be friends? kthxbai.

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ilikeblogs said...

RORY!!! so fierce....and referenced in Gossip Girls...hmm both GG....interesting?