Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Extravaganza~!

In light of our little blog here turning over a new leaf (more focused, more consistent, more personal), I thought I'd take that leap of faith and...gulp...provide you with pictures and snippets of my real life. (Gasp!)

No longer will we be simply "S" and "Tee" --two law students with no other form of real identity, aside from what you can gather from our random postings on very random things. Keep a look out for our updated bios in our "Meet the Bloggers" feature!

Anyway, I digress.
So this Thursday, the Boyfriend and I went out for a spontaneous night out on the town! Well, as spontaneous as one can get when making reservations on Open Table for Restaurant Week during New York Practice. We went to A.J. Maxwell's known for their prime dry-aged steaks. I don't know about you but I looovveee me some steak! Sadly, I was disappointed. I would give it a 3 star for this 4.5 star restaurant.

We were both exhausted and decided to pick up a bottle of wine and host our own game night. We played some Wii, drank lots, laughed lots, and ended the night. One of the best things about him is that he just makes everything so much fun.

On Friday I had a big cooking day. I love love food. I love everything about it--I love grocery shopping and I love to cook and I love to eat. On this particular night I was hosting a dinner for some friends as a thank you for watching our cat while the Boyfriend and I were away for the holidays. Pot roast and Yukon roasted potatoes were on the menu and I was so very excited to start!

We went to the butcher near Brooklyn Heights called Los Paisanos, and I picked up one of the most beautiful pieces of chuck roast I have ever seen!

Next I started preparing for the roast, which required a cooking time of 3.5 hours. Btw, this is the boyfriend's (and therefore, my) kitchen. I love this kitchen so much, it's very homey and cozy and just the perfect size!

Here are the ingredients for the friggin' most delicious butterscotch apple crisp pie, EVER! Thanks to New Beautiful for sharing the recipe!

And here are the Yukon Baby Potatoes...these were definitely a hit at the party. Thanks for sharing in my life and hope you all had a very relaxing weekend! Please leave me a comment if you would like the recipes for these dishes!


clair said...

Back in the kitchen where you belong! ahaahahaha I joke! Those potatoes looks sooo good! Make me foooood! I don't like apple stuff, but can you make a chocolate mocha cake??? Pleeeeeeease?

Eddy said...

i want pie!
great new entry! great new photographer!

clair said...

" it's very homey and cozy and just the perfect size!"

That's what she said...! :D

Hannah Yu said...

that is a splendid hat you have on. i <3 it. i also <3 you. also, clair is hilarious.

tee said...

i'm supposedly getting some pie delivered soon, i'll share with you, eddy!

this is like, the most comments we've ever gotten. i think it has something to do with you wearing awesome slippers in the kitchen.

Shirley said...

Ummm...I would also like some pie. Make me some pie, woman!

Laura Kim said...

the photographer could have used a little work.... KIDDING!!! hi eddy!

ambitious said...

Good job with the photos, eddy! How come I STILL haven't been to your place??????????????????????????? HUH?????????????????????????? :)

samuel said...

nice photography and nice hat. the pie looked great. the yukon taters looked fresh. overall i give 4.5 out of 5 stars.