Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Peace and Quiet

I think my body is craving some peace, I feel it. Peace, relaxation, silence, and clarity. I've heard a lot of people say that relaxing is overrated but not for this tired body, I need it. I don't know about you, but it's really hard for me to relax and do nothing. I'm not talking about vegging out in front of the tube either, because THAT I can do. Oh believe you me I am the master at vegging out, and I exercise this skill quite often. But relaxing is truly something one must work at (as ironic as that may seem), if it doesn't come to you naturally. If I'm cooking, I'm also cleaning. If I'm eating I'm also reading. When I'm driving I'm also catching up on all my missed calls and calling people back.

Hence this entry on Peace, which is a word I think sums it all up. As one of my New Year's Resolution I have decided to try to find ways to obtain some of this goodness by making small changes in my life (baby steps people, please).
Examples are:
1. I make a list of smaller, achievable goals, with one broad goal in mind.
2. I am exercising more often and eating healthier foods (and yes, I do cheat)
3. I am making more time for friends
4. I am turning off the TV more often (OK I'm trying to do this)
5. I am learning to stop myself from taking on more than I can handle,
6. I am trying to not feel apologetic or obligated about things I shouldn't.

There you have it! I've only been doing these things since the New Year and I already feel more productive and happy. I'm still far from reaching that ever seemingly unattainable sense of Peace, but like I said, baby steps.
I leave you with a pictures of things that make me feel a bit closer to my goal.
Happy Monday!


Sunny mornings (The Boyfriend's room + our baby Oliver)

Bits of Home (San Francisco + Seal Rock + my playground growing up)

Sunset (Cape Cod '06 + ocean cruise + weekend before first year of law school)

Friends (Cape Cod '06 + ocean cruise + weekend before first year of law school)

Giant Sequoia (Redwood Trees + Muir Woods + San Francisco '09 + Long trail with family)


Hannah Yu said...

i love the cape cod photo.

laura said...

i like this entry, sharon :)

mjmjmjmj said...

wow eddy really looks like scotty from bros&sis!!