Sunday, February 1, 2009

Because I Love Country

A few songs sung by Joey + Rory, my new obsession. I love them because they're good, and because their love story is pure and simple. Truly beautiful enough to make you cry.

You might've seen them on that commercial for, which surprised me at how badly I needed to know who these people were...don't laugh at me! I watch a lot of TV at night! I get bored!

Aren't they precious? They make me want to live on a farm in Tennessee with the love of my life and our big ol' hound.

Freebird - originally by Lynard Skynard, and reworked into a slower waltz.

Their video submission for "Can You Duet" - proof of their love. It's just so sweet! Honestly, it's just amazing. And just listen to Joey's voice...she's like an angel. (Also, I love that she calls her truck her "rig" and he calls his little baby car his "tractor.")

Cheater, Cheater - Their first real music video with a surprise guest at the end!


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Becky said...

they are so sweet... i love them! i made judy watch it and she loved it too! :D