Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love & 3.14159

Last week I was in the mood for pie. You ever get in one of those moods? Flaky crust, warm delicious center - comfort food at its best. And for me, there is no better pie than pumpkin. Now y'all may disagree, but I'm not here to argue. I'm just saying, pumpkin pie is the best.

So being that I had nothing better to do, I got on facebook with a request for pie. A few hours later, I got a reply from my love (who, bear in mind, is overseas fighting for our country):

I was just being silly and didn't think anyone was going to up and just bring me a pie, even my love. Then, today, after a not so fun Monday and a slushie and snowy evening, I come home to this:

Are you sickened by the sweetness yet? Can you guess what I got?


4 more months and we'll have been together 5 years. I love my love, he is so wonderful!


naomi megan. said...

oh my goodness! that IS so sweet! it looks delicious too!

thanks for stopping by, i equally am now enjoying your blog as well!


shirley said...

Wow. He gets major boyfriend points for that.

Also, is the theme this week, pie? GIMME SOME PIE, woman!

kate. said...

oh my this is one of the sweetest things ever! you are one lucky girl, getting deliveries like that!