Friday, October 17, 2008

Comfortable Heels

Carma Air Almond, 298

I was going to try and find some more options for you ladies, but the fact of the matter is, comfort is expensive. Anything I find is going to be upwards of $200, and I know people hate paying that much for shoes. From someone who HATES wearing heels, I'll tell you what I do.

1. Platforms. The thicker heel and sole makes you look like you're wearing killer shoes...but the difference in elevation between your actual heel and sole is not that much.

2. Cushy soles. I like shoes with comfortable insoles, so I base my shoe selection a lot of the time on what the insole looks like. If there's a pair I LOVE and NEED but they look not so comfy, I buy gel pads, which help, but aren't the best.

3. Wedges. Self-explanatory, I think. They're just easier on your feet! And if you get some super strappy ones, they'll look super sexy instead of just super clunky.

4. SPEND. One big lesson I'm learning in life is that if you can't take the pain, then shell out the cash monies for quality. I made the mistake once of trying on a pair of Gucci pumps...and to this day my feet can't stop thinking about them. They were unbelievable. When people talk about a "good shoe experience" converting people to shoe lovers, that's what they mean. So spend the money on a good pair of shoes and save elsewhere. It'll be worth it in the long run. Or it'll get you addicted to amazing shoes and spiral you into a black hole of debt.

Watch yourself.

And of course, I couldn't end this without posting a COUPON!

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