Friday, October 17, 2008


While T is definitely right...sometimes you really need to shell out the cash for comfort, I don't think I can really afford to buy those beautiful cole haan shoes, especially to wear while waitressing. BUT if you can afford them, I'd say go nuts. My friend had a pair of the black patent pointy toe pumps with Nike Air, and she said she felt like she could go run in them and it would be fine. She wore them for an event that we had, which lasted about 8 hours, and she didn't even feel the pain! Solution? Yes!

For moi...I need a cheaper option. A friend and I recently purchased these mossimo shoes at Target, and so far, they feel like they'd be comfortable. Hard to tell since I haven't taken it out for a test drive beyond my living room, but tonight while I serve, it will be tried and tested. Will let you know the results!

For now:
$20 Mossimo Verla Shoes. They aren't so cute in the picture, but TRUST me. They are so so SO cute in real life!

Oh and I am liking these wedges for work:

My dress at work is a poo colored these may help make it a little glitzier. $49 at Steve Madden WITH

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