Monday, April 21, 2008

COMMENTS About Gossip Girl

Not really spoilers, but just in case, maybe avoid this post:

- I LOVE that Jenny Humphrey carries around the Valentino Pintucked Shopper that is AT LEAST 2.3 grand and yet doesn't know what to hock to get some money.

- Also love the fact that the episode promo'ed the HELL out of Valentino with both the bag and the "one-of-a-kind" red gown.

- Poor Rufus. I would love that kind of a birthday party.

- I NEED all of Serena's leather jackets and amazing boots.

- Strangely, or not so much, I found myself wanting more Chuck. And less of Eric. Was he wearing makeup? Also, need more Nate.

- So now that B is de-throned, minority minions are down to one? Did the Asian girl really go back to Johns Hopkins? Come on now, science over GG?

- And, HOW BAD is Georgina that CHUCK BASS has PITY for Serena?!


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