Monday, April 21, 2008

Somebody Should Really Tell Her...

I hope Kristin Cavallari reads this. Maybe if I keep typing her name in, she will come upon this site when she googles herself. Kristin Cavallari, . Kristin Cavallari, . Kristin Cavallari. K, 'nuff of that.

What the heck is this chick THINKING! I mean...if I became "famous" solely because my parents are butt ass rich and I happen to live on Laguna Beach and have far more interesting friends, I'd be scared as shiznatch that my 5 mins of fame were up. Therefore, I'd wanna look and dress to the nines at all times...and most def NOT caught lookin' like this:

I mean, I get that she really loves these shoes. I get it. They're Christian Louboutin, anyone in their right mind would go nuts for a pair. Sure. But geez Kristin....let it go! I mean this is a pure issue of Form over Function and guess what....the form ain't lookin' good. Seriously, doesn't this chick have any friends??
Here are what the shoes are SUPPOSED to look like:

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