Friday, January 4, 2008

Back to Tote Bags

Coming full circle to the root of ~S~'s obsessions, here's a tote bag that is campy cool and looks like something a hipster Japanese teenager would carry on the street (which is to say, very edgy and a little off the wall).

Only 100 made for a Seoul art exhibit called "Wake Up Andy Warhol," one side feature the above pictured LV Speedy with "Fake" written across the bottom, while the other side shows another LV Speedy with the word "Pefect" written across the bottom. According to the description, this is the artist's criticism of the idolatry brand names and the "prevalence of fakes." Sounds deep.

Comes with detachable that I guess you can pretend that your bag won an award? Also reversible to be plain blue, for those days you aren't so much into making a statement as just having a plain tote bag.

$80 at Poketo! (Um, $80? I realize only a limited amount were made, but who do they think they are?)

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