Friday, January 4, 2008

Airhole Ninja Masks

...Intrigued by the title already, aren't you?

Founded by pro snowboarders, you know it's got street cred, and I am all about THAT. You know. Because I've got street cred, too. Or something along those lines.

Good for your typical outdoor winter activities, like snowboarding, skiing, ice-skating with your girl/boyfriend when you don't want to be recognized in public, general shenanigans with your buddies, etc.

Look at the NAMES of the masks. We've got "Pirate," "Katanos," "Fukiya," "Tanto," and "Holmes." Sounds like a crime-fighting superhero team, if you ask me. Or a bunch of hooligans up to no good. Either way, you can't lose.

Buy online at these authorized retail dealers until their new website is up and running.

Tightboards has the largest selection of all the websites. Price range from $20 - $30.

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