Friday, January 4, 2008

Laptop Clothes

As the holidays slowly fade into memories of stuffing your face and spending more money than you have, some of us are already back to the daily grind, working hard for the money. So hard for the money. Others of us, on the other hand, face another dreadful nemesis: back-to-school.

I, for one, hate spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks that teach me very much and that take up a lot of space on my otherwise-filled-with-good-books-and-dvds bookcase. What I don't hate is back-to-school shopping. And though I am not a particularly GREAT student, I really enjoy buying school supplies. And to me, my laptop is not only a school supply, but an essential part of my life. In short, my laptop is my WORLD.

So why wouldn't I dress my laptop in nice clothes, erm, sleeves? Check out these Barry's Farm cuties:

9-5 Sleeve: $45

Tree Sleeve: $40

Ice Cream Sleeve: $40

Made of vinyl exterior, foam cushioning, and nice soft flannel lining, your precious laptop can be kept adorable (and safe!) in these sleeves. Each design comes in different sizes, for all your laptop needs.

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