Thursday, November 8, 2007

Custom Starbucks Gift Cards!

Okay, okay, okay. We've established that we like coffee a lot. Something that we haven't established is that I love gift cards. I am one of those people who actually ENJOY getting gift cards because I'd rather get these cute little rectangles that give me the option of buying whatever I want from my favorite stores instead of crap that people think I will like, but really will just a) throw away, b) hate, c) return for credit. Thankfully, all of my friends know this about me by now, and I don't have to worry too much about getting useless stuff. Does that make me high maintenance? least I'm honest?

Starbucks now has this great option where you can go online and CUSTOMIZE your own gift cards! See? Now people can't say that gift cards aren't personal or thoughtful - each card you make is PERSONALIZED and you've THOUGHT about what you're going to put on the card, so it's perfect.


So...on that note:

Dear Santa, Please send me a few of these for Christmas. Love, Your Biggest Fan.


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