Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fantasy...Project Runway?!

We all know the obsession that guys have with Fantasy sports. The player stats, the trades, the intense mouse clicking after a's totally weird.

But now, one of the best shows on tv, aka Project Runway aka Tim Gunn is Awesome (Nov. 14) will allow those of us without sports genes to get in on the action, too. That's right, folks, FANTASY Project Runway is now available to the fashion and tv obsessed. has a bunch of other Fantasy games based on other reality shows, as well. Check out ANTM, The Hills, Dancing with the Stars, and other not-as-wonderful-as-Project-Runway options.

Build a team, play the game, and then we can talk about it even more fervently than we already do. Which is kind of pretty really fervent.

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dux said...

this might be going a lil' too far haha