Friday, November 2, 2007

Coffee, Bread, and Music

Don't those pictures make you want to sit in a cozy cafe, nibble at some french bread, sip your cafe au lait, and listen to some accordion music?

Well, even if you don't feel like it, that's what I want to do right now. Except maybe instead of cafe au lait, I'd have some rich hot chocolate with whipped cream. Because I am a child.

And as for the accordion music - I'd probably substitute it for some French cafe kind of music...which may very well include some accordions. Which is awesome. I love French cafes, and I wish someone would come teach me how to play the accordion. Except that I wouldn't enjoy playing it because it would sound like a bag of dying cats in my hands.

So here are 2 options that I turn to when I'm feeling distant, introverted, or (unjustifiably) artsy: the Amelie soundtrack and Putumayo Presents French Cafe. (If "French Cafe" is IN the title, you know you've already got a winner!)
Check them out Amazon. (Amelie and/or French Cafe)


~S~ said...

Hi T! I will take you to a french cafe i love in the city. it's not SO frenchy, but it's nice.
secondly, i love yann tiersen. love. this is a sad little clip with his music.

tee said...

Dear ~S~,

Shouldn't you be studying?

your partner in eating and crime.

~S~ said...

Dear Tee,

I am trying to and i'm failing miserably. MISERABLY. 50% of questions there hope?

your failure friend