Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tee and S - Who?

Taking a cue from the now infamous facebook "25 things" meme, what better way to introduce ourselves than to make completely a completely random list?

Meet ~S~, aka "the face-cutter" Sharon:

1./ I am a wildly esctatic fan of cheese. Huge. I love walking towards the cheese section of the grocery store and just inhaling the scent. The stinkier the better.

2./ I was raised by all men (brother and father = wild) and my father was the bestest chef ever-- he would make the most random dishes (hungarian goulosh as a 6 year old is not exactly mac n' cheese) and really yummy dessert drinks.

3./ I was born on an army base for $13. My dad reminds me of this all the time—he thinks it's hilarious that he “beat the system". Right after I was born he quit the army, which makes him feel even MORE like he "beat the system".

4./ I used to want to be a war photographer and a novelist. I still do (want to be a writer) but those dreams seem very far away at this point. Eventually I hope to open up a small bookstore in a small neighborhood and recommend books to my customers who I will all know by first name. I also vow to have a fresh pot of coffee brewing always and a wide variety of teas. One day...

5./ My senior thesis, A Sartrean Psychoanalysis of Kate Chopin's The Awakening, sits on the shelf of my college's library, taken out only once by a good and sympathetic friend. I shamelessly admit, I forced her to do this and I stood over her until she did.

6./ I love to cook and I firmly believe that good food paves the way to great relationships.

7./ I love to look into people's windows as I'm passing by their houses. I love seeing how people have decorated their homes because I think it really says something about the person. Some may call this stalking, I call it inspiration.

8./ I have some serious road rage. I have gotten into several verbal arguments with people, and even one physical (on his part, not mine. oh and my poor car door, which had a huge indent the shape of a shoe).

9./ I love boats. I was a coxswain one summer and absolutely loved being out on the water with nothing else around you but you and your crew. I plan to one day purchase an ocean kayak, and then move on to a Boston Whaler.

10./ I collect recipes and plan to create a recipe book of all my favorites and pass it on to my children.

11./ I love my grandparents and we prank call each other. They always fall for it, I never do but play along.

12./ I am a HUGE nester...everywhere I live, even if temporarily, I must make it my "own" and homey and comfortable. When I lived out of a family friend's room in college (long story), I literally ripped out everything on their wall, plastered and painted it, and took the little money I had to decorate. I bought wood planks and stained them and made them into shelves and bought cheap fabric to make curtains and table cloths. I moved out 3 weeks later. This also explains why I am obsessed with interior decorating.

Meet Tee, aka Princess Banana Hammock. Okay, fine. Tina:


13./ I think it's funny and/or obnoxious when people write in a very smug, self-aware style, especially if it's obvious they're trying too hard to sound cool. I fully acknowledge that I do this sometimes, including, possibly, now.

14./ It's not uncommon for me to disappear from the world (read: the internet and human interaction) for a full weekend due to the fact that I've gotten some new books and I don't want to do anything but read them straight through. Also: I don't like admitting that I've read a lot of popular mainstream novels. Because I am a book snob.

15./ The most expensive thing I own is not an appliance, or my awesome tv, or my laptop; it is a bag. I think that says a lot about my priorities. Don't tell my dad. 

16./ Places I can spend hours in by myself and not even know that it's been hours: bookstores, Target or Wal-Mart, cool home furnishing and/or kitchenware stores, my bed.

17./ Some people have nice legs, others have great bodies, still others have a gorgeous face. I have fantastic hair. I stand by this statement even though my mom hates that about 30% of my head is covered in white hair, because I think it gives me character. 

18./ I think things with patterns are pretty in theory, meaning that it looks good and I like it, but I probably won't ever wear it or use it myself. 

19./ I'm a huge romantic. That used to not be true; I was a terrible cynic and realist for a long time. Then I met the love my life, and now, I'm a sap. It gets pretty bad sometimes, you might want to look away. 

20./ When I moved to New York, everyone I knew thought it would be the perfect fit for me - including my family, boyfriend, and even me. Turns out, once a Texan, always a Texan. 

21./ I can't help but dance when I hear good music - doesn't matter where I am - the grocery store, the mall, in the street...too bad I'm not any good. 

22./ Queen of random facts = me. Some friends call me "the doctor" because I have the answer to a lot of weird things, and if I don't, I know exactly where to look. If I find it interesting, I will research and read up on it and tell people about it. The opposite also applies: if I'm not interested, I shut off my brain. 

23./ I watch a lot of TV. It's kind of a problem. 

24./ One of my secret wishes is still to be a Disney Channel star. Is it too late for that? 

And last but not least, meet 25./a/ and 25./b/ - the boyfriends who put up with all our junk and who will probably be referred to a lot in the future with and without their permissions:

Sharon's EDDY


Love y'all. Enjoy stalking us.


samuel said...

i used to want to be a writer too, until I saw my loan statements. and i think grey hair does convey character. in fact, proverbs 16:31 says it's a crown of splendor. you're bf's are hot...no...hawt! werd.

Olivia said...

OMG--S, I had no idea this was your blog!!! I just bookmarked you last week! (I think it was the Audrey Hepburn that lured me in!)
Hope all is well!!!


~S~ said...

Hi Olivia!
So good to hear from you! What a coincidence that you found our little site! Thanks for visiting and I'd love to see your face soon!