Friday, February 20, 2009

News from Starbucks!

Hello All,
Sorry we have been SO MIA, T and I are currently on Spring Break ( I know, it's not Spring, our school sucks) and therefore are on veg out do nothing mode. I literally have not done anything remotely studious...just hanging out and OOH so many new additions to the Boyfriend's house, I have much to update!

Meanwhile, I was just alerted of some very important coffee news by our beloved fam and premiere blogger, Meme Engine and A T-Shirt Blog (2 blogs, one person). Starbucks is introducing their first ever instant coffee! I know...what???? Instant? It seems to go against the entire concept of "freshly brewed" and "aromatic" cups. Not for nothin' but I'm kinda excited. I am constantly on the go and prefer home brewed over store bought coffee for financially practical reasons. We'll see how this pans out. Click Here to sign up for your free sample, sans shipping.


Anonymous said...

would be interesting if they made one you could just toss into a bottle of water to make iced coffee. like those drink packets for womens.

~S~ said...

That would be very cool. In fact, I want some right now because ice coffee is good not just in the summertime, but all the time! Perhaps you should propose that idea to Sbux!