Friday, February 6, 2009

NYC Drive-Through

We tried going to ABC Carpet and Home today...but they were lowering the gates and kicking people out just as we were about to pay the muni-meter (which, by the way, are really stinky because not all of them take credit cards, and really, who has 12 quarters just sitting in their car?) 

~S~ managed to snap some shots while I was waiting in line at Duane Reade across the street in hopes of getting change.

Pretty things...

Elephants are my favorite...

Box of stuff...Obama-print chair...

So we went to Burger Joint on 57th, and it was really quite weird, as we had to walk through a bar/lounge set up in a hallway in the Hotel Parker Meridian...and then the hotel lobby...and down a smaller and darker hallway that felt like you were going to the restrooms...or at least a supply closet. Even though it was really crowded and kind of a random setup in the back corner of a fancy hotel, I have to admit the burgers were gooooood.

[Burger Joint: not pictured]

Then, upwards and onwards to Cafe Lalo! Also good, but really really sweet. And crowded. And cold...but that may have been because we were sitting by the door. We got the Mocha Espresso cake - yum. The green dot(s) on my marshmallows were the mint syrup that I had them add to my hot chocolate. It was alright. Tasted kind of...syrupy. When we left, ~S~ and MJ each got a postcard with the Cafe Lalo print for 25cents! I took 7 boxes of matches. The sign said, "Please only take one."

All in all, a successful night. We're going to go back to ABC Carpet and Home and REALLY explore. It looks like so much FUN inside!

P.S. I think we've developed a new-found love for our humble little blog this year. Aren't y'all liking all the pictures??? We sure are.


Eddy said...

i want a picture of burger joint.

shirley said...

Those look like the biggest marshmallows ever! I want one!