Friday, January 9, 2009

What Not to Wear - Sizes Edition

So one look I really like is when dresses are strapless and have a sweetheart cut across the top (read: two large scallops where your ladies are). I think that for the most part, this looks good on everyone. For the most part.

The big problem with these, which for some reason I always tend to forget in my excitement (did you know Shakespeare invented that word? Excitement, I mean) to get a super awesome cute sweetheart necklined dress, is that they are not custom made. These cups that should nicely accentuate your chest, whether small or large, are not tailored to your specifications. They are mass produced, and in doing so, are made in what the manufacturer/designer thinks the majority of ladies' measurements must be: teeny tiny waist and almost no boobs, medium sized waist with barely bigger boobs, and "larger" waists with a nice healthy B cup.

What about all the inbetweens?! What about the people who are smalls on top and medium/large on the bottom? Large on the top and small on the bottom? Why is this cruel joke repeated for every new garment that in one piece covers your essential lady parts??? Why are there not more mixing and matching, more choices when you buy, more real sizing?!

This is a problem that needs to be addressed.

And yes, I know tailoring would solve the issue for some people, but really, tailors can only let out so much material that the garment provides, and at some point if they take something in too much, it just isn't the same item of clothing anymore.

Anyways, I forget the point of the post, as my ranting and raving clearly took over. One more night in my gigantic and cushy bed at home, and its back to the slums of NY. And by slums, I mean, school.

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