Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Compulsive Shopping

Via RecoveryConnection, compulsive shopping has actual symptoms and consequences that are IDENTICAL to alcoholism or drug abuse.

  • Shopping or spending money as a result of feeling angry, depressed, anxious or lonely
  • Having arguments with others about your shopping habits
  • Feeling lost without credit cards -- actually going into withdrawal without them
  • Buying items on credit, rather than with cash
  • Describing a rush or a feeling of euphoria with spending
  • Feeling guilty, ashamed or embarrassed after a spending spree
  • Lying about how much money was spent or owning up to buying something, but lying about how much it actually cost
  • Thinking obsessively about money
  • Spending a lot of time juggling accounts or bills to accommodate spending
If you have three or more of these "symptoms," then you may have a compulsive shopping problem. 

Yeah, I satisfy four of these. 

But I think I already knew I had a shopping problem. It's called greed. Compulsive...maybe a little. Gluttony of pretty things, absolutely. 

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