Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keys to Losing that Belly Fat

eMedExpert Blog's 5 tips for losing belly fat. Click through for detailed explanations, but here they are, point blank.

1) Eat whole grains, not refined foods.
2) Monousaturated fats are your friends (nuts, olives, avocado).
3) Stress is not (meditate, exercise, GOOD NIGHT SLEEP --- I need that last one, badly).
4) Trans Fats are delicious, but dangerous.

  • stick margarines and shortenings
  • packaged foods
  • bakery products (crackers, cookies, cakes)
  • potato chips, corn chips, popcorn
  • fried fast foods (fried chicken, fried fish, french fries, doughnuts)
  • hamburgers, cheeseburgers
  • DESSERTS? (waaaaahhhhhh!)
5) Smoking kills you. And makes you fat.

Good to know, but sounds impossible! (At least the sleeping well and no desserts part.)

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