Monday, November 3, 2008


I am the worst shopper EVER. Everything I have purchased in the last couple of months, minus the old navy shirts and the Gucci Vintage, I have returned. I am one of those, I am a returner. Possibly because I like the act of buying rather than actually shopping. Jill on The Real Desperate Housewives of NYC said it best, "I hate shopping, but I love buying." Something about it is so stress relieving. I believe they call it retail therapy. Except, combine that with buyer's remorse and you have me, the returner. I won't even get you involved in the details of my returns (because it's some complicated shiet) but I will be returning my BR purchases posted below, except for the bag because, well, I think I never return bags, plus I got an amazing deal.

Ugh. I also got duped on a sweater that I cannot return. Duped!

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shirley said...

You would think, as an avid returner, that you would never be duped into purchasing something which could not be returned. Being a fellow returner, I always make a point to ask--usually while the cashier is ringing me up--if the items I am purchasing are in fact returnable.

This has sometimes led to me being the most hated of all shoppers--the in-line second-guesser. The thought of being unable to return an item paralyzes the in-line second-guesser because secretly, she has already begun to have buyer's remorse and the only thing that quiets this anxiety is the comfort of the return. So, when the cashier says, 'this item is final sale'--the in-line second guesser will get out of line, requiring the cashier to void the sale, only to potentially return to the line after standing to the side hemming and hawing for 10 minutes and finally re-deciding to purchase the item she has previously decided to, and not to, purchase.