Saturday, November 1, 2008

Guilty Pleasure...

So. Sigh....(long sigh)....I did it again. After posting about the spectacular BR 40% off sale, I, of course, oh predictable me, obsessed over the site until I picked out a few I wanted to see in person, then dragged the bf to the store with me, and ended up purchasing one (entirely different from the ones I picked out). The good news is, I had a $30 gift card I had been wanting to put to use, and that I did.

Here is my recent acquisition:
The Cambridge Mini Satchel. This isn't exactly the color I got, mine is more of a light brown/grey color, not this metallic one. But the original price was $180, I got it for $80. Not bad for beautiful suede with leather handle and straps!
Of course....I then dragged the bf to BR in the city to take a look at some of the other selections that were not in the Brooklyn store, and I ended up buying:
This beautiful striped peacoat sweater. Listen. I'm not happy with myself at all. However, everything I have purchased recently, has all been returned, the only thing I have kept were my old navy and target purchases. So I figure, I should splurge with my waitress earnings at least once, right? Make sense? This is how I rationalize everything in my head, people. And you are now the recipient of this nonsense.
Anyway, so I purchased this sweater now at full price with a 20% off coupon, but I will be waiting and watching until friends and family (rumored to be coming up in mid November), and try to get the adjusted price. Ugh. I hate me.

Hope your Halloweens were fun and safe!

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