Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Topshop A/W Picks!

I think I may have to narrow this list down so that my bank account doesn't dry up all in a day when all these amazing clothes are out. And yes, I realize it's only June and I'm already planning my wardrobe for the next season. And yes, I love jackets and coats.

Have fun scrolling. HA!

Wow, did you really make it to the bottom? If so, then let's get together because I have a lot more to show you...

Just kidding, kind of.

1 comment:

~S~ said...

you are crazy! and i say this only in reference to item #11 which looks like a bra/body control top. do you wear that outdoors? or is it under your clothes? crazy girl. i want to see you wear it out to the park.

miss u!!!!