Tuesday, April 29, 2008

T- 23.5 hours to go

23.5 more hours to go til I hit my first final...which will unfortunately be a disaster b/c it is on a topic i do not know. we'll see how much i can learn in that amount of time. Once thursday 10pm comes, I will fee MUCH better, and then imnediately MUCH worse because then I must start studying for Evidence. bah!

anyway, despite all that, I STILL made time to watch the Hills. I know, how does she do it. hahah. The hills needs to be an hour long show. So much happens but it's all just an intro. I feel like I'm watching a preview to a really juicy movie...and then Blip! "Adam Devello" or whatever comes up and it's donezo. Anyway, it needs to be an hour show and they need to stop having monumental things happen at the blink of an eye. last episode, lo, LC and audrina were only talking about getting a house. and bam, they have one and then bam, a housewarming party. and what happened with brody? just...gone. blip. gone.

but HELLLOO Stephen Colletti. Yum. =D

the BF is coming back home tonight after a LOONNNG (4 day) trip to Vancity. Sigh...cannot wait.

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