Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Shot at Love~

So yesterday, I did absolutely nothing and spent 12 hours "pretending" to study with a bunch of gals while talking about boys, love, and boys. obviously, it wasn't so surprising that I only read 20 pages in 12 hours. So today, I woke up with a mini heart attack, called T on my way to school, vented, and dragged my arse to the library. and now I'm here, writing to all of you faithful readers. I think "hamperism" is the only one who comments. Thank you, and thank you.

I'm studying with my friend H, my BFOILS (Best-Friend-Only-In-Law-School...coined by H herself) and we just spent an entire friggin' HOUR talking about Tila Tequila, and her moral values, her psychological background, and her sexual preference.
it was basically about me feeling like Tila comes from a wounded place and what she does is a manifestation of that wound, blah blah, anyway.

So this is a public announcement. Tila, I want my hour back. I want it back and I want to ace my exams. and you could have very well taken that away from me. I may fail my exam b/c I lost that ONE hour talking about your stupid show and your psychological issues. and to think I would have be-friended you. ugh.

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