Friday, April 25, 2008

The Death of the Dress + That Effortless French Style

Two articles: Long Live the Dress (for Now) and That 'je ne sais quoi'.

One announces that the DRESS - the simple, feminine, versatile dress - is about to see its death as the fashion cycle turns away from Jackie O and back towards androgynous butch-ness, which for some reason makes me think of IT MODEL OF THE MOMENT Agyness Deyn, who, for the record, I think is a fantastic model, but overrated as a style icon.

This fall it's supposed to be all about the PANTS, the TIGHT SHIRTS, and the edgy LEATHER JACKET. (Aka "what Kate Moss has been wearing her whole life")

Sure, it's an interesting look - and on boyish, waifish, gamine figures it looks good. This is why tiny people like Audrey Hepburn could literally wear anything and still be smashing. However, this is not a good look for women of a more curvaceous nature. It just makes us look bunchy and puffy in all the wrong places; in other words, NOT CUTE.

The other article discusses that hard-to-explain way that French women always look so effortlessly chic and amazing. Most interesting to me is when they quote Clémence Poésy (love her!): "It's important to be yourself. What you wear reflects what you are, so you need to be strong enough on the inside to ignore what the fashion gurus say you should wear on the outside."

Oh, HELL-TO-THE-YEAH. So when the fashion elite are telling us Who's In and Who's Out (said in a cute German accent, a la Heidi Klum), the always stylish French women will be laughing at all the robot-people who have suddenly abandoned their dresses in exchange for THE NEW LOOK.

You think JANE BIRKIN, British, but with 2 half-French daughters, all three with super street cred in the world of style, would listen to this crap about how dresses are no longer what's what?

Jane Birkin, with daughter Lou Doillon

The fashion industry can suck it. I love my dresses and I ain't ever giving them up.


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