Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random Thoughts

So...I just realized that we have 181 posts to date! wth?? how the heck did that happen and i'm sure 98% of those are from T. Anyway, my brain is friz-ied after spending HOURS thinking about how much work i have to do. Oh believe you me, being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work and shiz-nitting in ur pants about the impending doom that is called enough to make me not do any work.
Why am i speaking like i'm a suburban raised trying to speak what they think is ebonics? don't worry about it.
SO....speaking of dancing (b/c we were)...guess what's comin' up!
that's right ppls. ABDC is back! this means i MUST try out...have y'all seen my jabbawockeez routine? prob not. except i throw down my gangsta "westlaw" i think i'll call my crew, jabbaflickerz. for those of you who don't know waht "westlaw", it's a legal search engine...'nuff said. way cool. far i've watched 2 movies, cooked a huge dinner, posted, listened to a lot of country music thanks to "T" and her "Woah Dang!"-ness. and now....i guess now i should start studying. and i will do that by watching more law and order.

p.s. you must forgive me during finals time...i become really really ridiculously ridiculous.


tee said...

that was an interesting example of your amazingly logical (thanks to law school) train of thought.

hamperisms said...

i'm very impressed! 181 posts!! congrats!