Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mission Summer '08: How to Become Famous

I know I just posted, but like I told you...I'm not studying. SO.
T and I briefly discussed this via text midst non study-age, but we have decided that Mission Summer '08 is to become famous.
The way I see it is, we live in the greatest city in the friggin' universe....New York City (in case you guys didn't know.) This means you have a pass to do and meet almost everyone/anyone. I mean, you can eat next to Natalie Portman at Cafe Habana, you can people site Gwynnie Paltrow at Grammercy, and you can speak about Quentin's films, while Quentin in the flesh is eavesdropping over at the table next to you (all true events, none of which have happened to me). I have the worst luck with celebrities. I once told Robbin Williams that I thought he was a football player over the phone, JUST missed a drunken Julia Stiles b/c some stupid stupid boy wanted to "talk" (jerk, you robbed me of a celebrity citing!) and went clubbing to the club NEXT to the one Big from Sex in the City was clubbing at. what. the. eff. My only real claim to fame-dom was an awkward elevator ride with a really high Anna Paquin--lame.
The only "famous" people I've met are magazine editors, semi-famous musicians, and writers and poets. Yes, def. great in it's own right (email partners with Ishle IS a claim to fame I think), but not CELEBRITY status.
so in light of this adventure....I have found this. click HERE to become famous.

will keep you posted.

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tee said...

the only celebrity i've seen in new york since moving here almost 2 years ago is jessica simpson shopping at barneys. and her friend pointed to the bag i was carrying and she looked at me. it was amazing.

oh and i've talked to david yurman and rebecca minkoff, but i don't think they count so much.