Thursday, January 10, 2008

Get Blair Waldorf's Headbands

She is so cute, no? And her signature headband look is amazing, right?

Headbands are things that I wore all through my childhood years, never thinking that it was cool or uncool - but that as I got older, they faded from my wardrobe because of the "childish" stigma that went with them. In recent times, I've dabbled in more and more headband wearage - particularly in the simple stretchy ribbon ones that JCrew so generously offers.

Last night, while watching Gossip Girl, I noticed that Blair Waldorf had a theme of turban-styled headbands going on that was fantastic with her perfect brown curls.


And now, thanks to my OCD shopping, we can all look like Blair Waldorf, at least from the hair up.

Barneys, and on SALE for $49.99! Yeah, yeah, $50 for a headband is a little excessive, but sometimes money is a small price to pay for looking good.


mjmjmjmj said...

wow! i once paid $14 for a headband and thought i was nuts!

marcthefarc said...

There are hundreds of beautiful headbands available from Andrea's Beau. Visit

Kate said...

I found a to-die-for website for wide headbands for women and girls at The site made me a headband fanatic!

Christy said...

I've found your page googling "headbands for asian hair" xD Now i feel more confident about going headband shopping tomorrow! yay! No more bangs!!

Kenix said...

You guys can try

The hairband they carry comes in alot of different style!!!!