Friday, January 11, 2008

Clutch Me If You Can~!

Hello all....long time no nothing. Yes, I know, you've missed me.'s ok. it's ok. While T has posted 793879237483 posts, I have been away during the break and refused to look at the internet the whole time. It was liberating. It was...amazing. haha jk. (I was actually starved for the internet and internet window shopped undercover.)

ANYWAY...moving recently I have been obsessed with finding the perfect clutch. Clutches are great. They're perfect for most occasions and can be handy dandy when you dress up or down, or all around. My bag type ranges from big bags where I can just throw everything I own into it, or something like a clutch where my phone, wallet, and makeup essentials can fit neatly. I absolutely, fantabulously abhor small bags. They're like...what's the point. like... all 5"1 of myself feels like a big fat giant carrying a tiny i'm trying to be cute but it's really 'nuff said. I, unfortunately, own many small purses, not by choice. are the contenders:
1) Jill Stuart Patent Annika Clutch:

I really love this clutch and wish I saw it before. It has a flap closure with magnetic snap. It will fit all your necessities to keep the night going, it's trendy without being outlandishly gawdy, and it can be worn with both formal wear and with jeans. Absolutely love the gold buckle, it gives it an elegant and simple flavor. $185 at bloomies!

2) Laura Merkin Char Embossed Suede Clutch

I really like this clutch as well (obvi, otherwise it wouldn't be posted). I love the croc-ish, suede-ish, this-fabric-makes-me-feel-weird-but-for-some-reason-i-like-it, look. It's pouch-y so it can fit a good amount of things, but it may be deceiving since it has a slight bottle neck top. Meaning, it may not fit a long wallet. $220 at Neiman.

And for those of us who live in the real world and cannot afford to make $200-300 purchases on random little pieces of leather that we stick together and call, a "purse" are some affordable good finds.

1) Leather Foldover Clutch from Urban Outfitters.

Sleek, trendy, simple, and will match almost every outfit. Not quite for formal wear, but still. You can pull it off at a wedding. Right now on sale at Urban Outfitters for a whopping $39.99~!

2) The BWRSTLCK Black Gold Clutch (I know, sounds more like a product code than a name) from Steve Madden.

This is the clutch I ended up purchasing. I heart this clutch because it's roomy and it has a wristlet thingamajiggy, which is handy because I am prone to dropping and losing. The brass hardware gives it a little bit of a dressy and trendy look, yet it's not too Dominatrix, S&M-ish (i am very sensitive to that. very.)
$88 at Steve Madden BUT if you buy it through ebates (please see previous blog on ebates), you get an additional 10% off. AND if you put in the product code 20percent, you get an additional 20% off.

So, happy shopping! let us know if you find any other good finds, or if you like any of our suggestions!

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