Monday, January 21, 2008


So in my frantic attempt to get rid of a headache that has given me a headache for the last 2 weeks, I booked an appointment with Zola, the shoulder and neck massage-goddess, at the spa near my house. Great spa, amazing massage, REALLY expensive for only 30 minutes. not cool. Everytime she rubbed a spot which did nothing for me, I would be thinking, "STOP TOUCHING ME THERE WE ONLY HAVE 30 MINUTES!" so needless to stay, my headache, which I've webmd'd (online diagnostics) and concluded that "it's not a too-muh", is the result of tension headaches. 
Anyway, I digress. Mid-getting-ready-for-yet-another-wedding-with-my-ultra-chic-friend, I was reminded about one of NYC's greatest treasures/bargains. Totally forgot and I could shoot myself for it but I thought I'd share it with y'all...

For every dollar you spend at the fresh spa, you get to redeem the same amount in fresh products. Yes, take a second to soak that in. Say you get a massage for $100. You then get to leave with $100 of fresh products~! for fresh lovers, this is an AWESOME deal. however, fresh is known for their overpriced goodies, but whatever. if i'm going to be spending my hard earned loan money on something, I better get the best deal in town~!

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